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U.S. Labor & Work.Jamestown and the Forging of American Democracy (Essay Sample)


In 1619: Jamestown and the Forging of American Democracy, James Horn poses this question:
“Did slavery and racial prejudice gradually evolve in Virginia during the half century following the arrival of the Angolans, or did de facto enslavement of Africans begin in 1619?”
While Horn argues that racial slavery began in 1619, Taylor contends this was “not predetermined but a product of colonization,” which follows closely to Bailyn’s claim that racial slavery had “no prior design.”
This assignment asks you to take a side in the debate. To do so, you will have to carefully evaluate each author’s claims and evidence, pointing out their relative strengths and weaknesses, in support of your argument.
Conclude your paper with some broader implications of race and the founding of American democracy.
Support your argument with specific evidence from class readings only. Be sure to include a separate works cited page at the end of your paper (this page does not count as the total length of your paper).
Upload your paper (file name: Last Name_Paper_1) as a MS Word attachment through Canvas.
Contact me if you have any questions regarding this assignment.


Student’s Name
U.S Labor and Work
For over a long time, historians have presented many arguments relating to the issue of racial slavery in the United States of America. They differ on whether this racial slavery began in the year 1619 or it was a product of colonization with no prior design. The historian Horn, agrees with the former argument, which has been used for a long time and is even included in the American history curriculum and taught to children. However, there are a number of incidences and evidences in history that indicate that this racial slavery did not begin in 1619 but that it happened and developed in a gradual manner. Taylor and Bailyn agree with this second argument. The 1619 arrival of Africans in Virginia was not a predetermined incident but rather the African slaves found themselves in Virginia after being sold to the governor while headed to Mexico. The continued competition for resources amongst the European powers led to the events that contributed to the racial slave. Based on this, the present paper agrees with Taylor and Bailyn on the fact that racial slavery was a product of colonization with no prior design and that it did not begin in 1619 but instead it developed gradually into slavery in America. Therefore, the assumption that racial slavery began in 1619 is actually misplaced and quite misguiding as far as understanding and retelling the true history of slavery is concerned.

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