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Two is to many (Essay Sample)

The essay needs to be Argument paper. Need an essay on why a family need one child vs two. The argument is that I only want one child, but my wife wants two. I'm try to show her why one child is better then two. I have 6 brothers and 2 sisters. 9 total She has 3 brothers and 1 sister. 5 total The following item need to be put in the essay: Cost of raising two vs one Cost of Schools Sport and Activities "transportation to and from" Teacher notes: This assignment will focus on your ability to make a solid argument to a specific argument for a specific reason, and it will be researched. You now need to choose carefully a good issue to argue from your own experience. From past experiences, some types of things work better than others for this assignment. I have put together a list of things that are important to me, the reader, and to you, the writer. They will help you choose a subject that is both pertinent and interesting. Some helpful lists follow that will help you put your argument together in a way that is satisfactory to you, to your audience, and to me (your advocate in all this). Read these so you won't commit to an argument that will stall out on you as an essay assignment. (1) You will be talking to a specific group of people that probably disagrees with you. (2) You will desire that group of people to do a specific thing / some specific things that they would not ordinarily do. (3) Your argument will do some good for your audience (4) You will give them solid intelligent reasons for doing these things. (5) You will show them that you fully, completely know and understand the causes for their present beliefs on the subject. (6) You will draw the audience away from their accustomed assumptions about a subject. (7) You will sound expert / extremely well informed / passionate on your subject (8) You will be approaching the particular subject from a particular viewpoint. (9) You will be telling the audience meaningful, specific things that they don't already know. (10) You will be consciously constructing an effective speaking voice/ persona. source..


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(15, October, 2010)

Two is too many
Why a family needs one child instead of two?
As I have already told you, the argument between my wife and I has gotten too far than I expected .She insists on us having two children, contrary to my suggestion of having one. My wife comes from a family of five; 2 sister and 3 brothers, mine is a family of 9; six brothers and 3 sisters. I have tried explaining this situation to my best but you’ve completely disagreed with me and sited with her.
I would like you to enter into an agreement with me that: for every child that my wife will give birth to beginning from the second born onwards, each one of you shall be giving me fifteen percent of your salary to cater for the expenses of rising up the child and my allowances. Just but to be sure, how many will do that? Yes, you can see the reaction for yourself, you have all declined.
Today, there is a completely different version of an only child compared to those of previous years; this is a version of happier and far more numerous individuals that have excellent and well balanced social attributes (American Psychological Association, 2010). This is contrary to those times when the idea of having a single child was attached to a social stigma to which there was an assumption of the existence of a fertility problem amongst the parents and that neither of them could accept to take the blame. Nowadays this notion has virtually diminished and the parents take it so trendy to have an only child.
Sincerely speaking, you will have to cite with me on this issue that there is a lot more benefits attached to the situation of a single child as compared to families with two or more siblings. These benefits are for both the parents and the kid, for the case of the kid, initially there is no competition for the parents affection which leads to high emotional and intellectual achievement, as it has been evidenced, high achievers in most careers are single children (Belkin, 2009).
This is attributed to the fact that they learn most skills on their own, these are such things like talking and walking, by the time they begin to attend school, they are already good conversationalists hence tend to do well in school work and averagely in sports, while alone the single child tends to amuse itself by drawing, playing, talking and reading this activities enhances the single child’s abilities and mostly becomes prodigious readers by eight to nine years. Obviously the only child regards books and their characters as viable allies which tend to instill creativity, intellectual prowess, multi-lingual skills and matured social responses.
You will concur with me that couples/parents to a single child have a greater deal to boast of , First it concern the focus to the learning pattern and general child development because they have enough time to direct individual attention to the chil...
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