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Thoughts for Volunteering (Essay Sample)


Personal inquiry, the place that I worked is a second hand store, it sells anything, usually I do the cleaning, organizing the stuff, or help the client, writer has to write what I learned in this job, why it is important, how it impacted me.


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Thoughts for Volunteering

When I started looking for volunteering work a few years back, I did not know exactly where I wanted to volunteer my time, skills, and energy. However, I had a deep conviction that my service hours should make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate in the community and not just make a profit for a company. Therefore, I narrowed down to local charity stores after discovering that these shops are connected to the bigger mission of making the world a better place. Today, I am proud of my many hours of service at a local MCC Thrift Shop that deals in secondhand items. Through the selfless dedication of my time and energy, as well as other volunteers in the store, I am convinced that the lives of our donors, customers, and those who receive charity have improved.

The Mission MCC Thrift Shop where I volunteered is part of the larger non-profit organization known as Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) that comprises Anabaptist churches. The store is dedicated to providing quality goods at highly subsidized prices to increase the buying power of customers and thus improve their quality of life. The proceeds are then used for charity. Therefore, the store shares in the mission of the MCC of responding to human needs and demonstrating God’s compassion and love by working in projects that promote peace and social justice. Moreover, the MCC Thrift Shop donates a significant percentage of its proceeds to the relief, peacebuilding, and development efforts of the MCC. Additionally, the secondhand store is an active player in the implementation of local community projects by partnering with community members to ensure that the projects align with their needs.

Since its establishment in 1999, the Mission MCC Thrift Shop has regarded every donation and purchase as a valuable gift to the world. Among the items that are found in the secondhand store include furniture, clothing, shoes, bags, stationery, and electronics. Therefore, the services that the Mission MCC Thrift Shop provide are focused on improving the quality of lives of communities in the areas of education, environment, and housing. For example, the sale of secondhand electronics is a significant contribution to the efforts to prevent the dumping of electronic waste into the environment. Moreover, there are very few secondhand stores in the locality that deals in used electronics. As such, the MCC Thrift Shop is an active player in the management of the environment because donors and sellers of secondhand computers, T.V, fridges, phones, radios, and microwaves have a place where they can take these items. By so doing, the donors contribute to the noble course of helping the low-income groups while also protecting the environment.

The sale of secondhand furniture and clothing is part of the store’s efforts to solve the challenge of homelessness that has been caused by economic hardships for many families. Furthermore, people who are homeless would first need to get warm clothing because they are often found in the streets. Other partners including local government agencies then come in and assist this population to access affordable housing. By following up on specific cases of homeless families, the store’s parent organization, that is, MCC can donate some of the furniture that is available in the Mission MCC Thrift Shop. Similarly, the store facilitates access to educational materials such as stationery and relevant reading materials by accepting gifts and donations of such nature. Moreover, the MCC is a global organization that assists school-going children in communities that have been impoverished by conflict, hunger, or disaster.

As part of the wider scope of funding sources for the greater MCC mis...

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