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A Superhero I Have Created By Myself: Origin Story (Essay Sample)


The story is about a superhero that I have created by myself. The rubric and the information about this story and my hero is in the documents.


Student’s Name
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Kate: A Superhero Origin Story
Kate is a 19 year-old bubbly university student who is beloved by many who know her. She is known for her generosity, warm-heartedness, kindness, willingness to help, and full of positivity. Kate’s tall stature, long curved hair, and big eyes uniquely identify her among her friends and acquaintances alike. Her long hair, conspicuously colored in silver and pink, catches the attention of everyone, especially when the sun shines on the hair. As a young lady pursuing higher education, Kate is in course to achieve academic success that will also lead to success in her professional and career life. In addition, Kate has perfected her painting skills and is able to hold art exhibitions to display her art.
Kate can also be described as a ‘people person’, with the ability to make friends with ease, gather her friends together with ease for events and organize certain activities and events, including picnics and tours. Kate is also available for her friends and is willing to assist in any way she can and her persistence and skills have seen many difficult situations get solved in her hands. She is a valuable friend who is always willing to offer a helping hand whenever she is needed without any conditions. As a result, Kate has become very popular not only among her friends but everywhere she goes, including at the University where she is presently studying.
Kate is, however, not a typical young adult leading a normal life. She g

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