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Summarize The Semester: Every Aspect Of Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


I learn how to find and use good sources in this semester, I sent my papers to the writer. Please summary the papers and write about using writing skills in my major( civil engineering) and so on.


Semester Summary
The semester has been both thrilling and educative. It exposed me to a lot of learning experiences that have impacted positively on my education. Most importantly, I have managed to develop as a writer and understand a few basics in writing that I did not have any idea about when the semester began. My learning was further boosted by my willingness and enthusiasm of wanting to explore the writing field so that I become the best. Throughout the semester, I was writing about the legality of owning guns. In my arguments, I supported the idea that people should be allowed to legally own guns for self-defense, to reduce police work and to uphold the constitutional right of every individual. However, I also realized that owning guns could also accelerate crimes and cause a lot of damage, especially the loss of life.
I was a beginner in writing when I started the semester. Though previously, I had done a few pieces in writing, they were not entirely focused on academic writing, and I put little focus on them. However, the semester introduced me to what I call “real writing.” Before the semester, I used to make a lot of writing mistakes. I did not write about any specific topic, but would choose randomly, and when I could not get enough information, I quickly moved on to the next one. My composition skills were poor, and I did not know about sentence structures, essay development, grammar rules or thesis statement development among th

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