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Rational essay/statement (Essay Sample)

*Rationale Essay/Statement How to Apply The rationale essay or statement should creatively outline your reasons for wanting to participate in the MBA International Stu- dent Exchange Program. The essay should be no more than one page demonstrating: An exchange application consists of the following:
 A completed Online Application Form;
 A Rationale Essay or Statement** (1 page maximum);  A MBA Resume.  Why you are a good candidate for an exchange;
  How this experience fits into your overall career/personal plans;
 As my family business is a travel agency in Taiwan, having abroad experience is very valuable. My future goal is to take over my parents' business. Studying abroad allows me to learn new language, chance to interact with people from diverse background.  Why the particular school(s) you have chosen are a good fit; My family businesses mainly focus in Europe such as France, German, Italy, Swiss and Asia. in Europe and China allows me to build connection further build up my family business in the long term. 
 Why you would be a good ambassador for Rotman/University of Toronto. I went on exchange to Japan, Osaka in UBC. I made a lot of friends and good connections. I brought good image of UBC to Japanese students. Also, when the Japanese students exchanged to UBC, I also put a lot of efforts to help them. UBC and us (exchange students) organized several events to host the japanese students. I know the experience of studying and living abroad is difficult. source..
Rational essay/statement
At the masters academic level research and analysis forms the corner stone of one`s academic life. It becomes a part of you if are to finish the masters. Due to the nature of learning, its is vital to look at others work and compare with yours just to make sure you are doing the correct thing, it is equally essential to share the knowledge you have with your peers and them with you to enrich your knowledge. Such are privileges and can only be reached through opportunities that life tends to offer once in a while.
My family business is a travel agency based in Taiwan in the middle East. This makes my trevelling abroad a very valuable asset not only to me as as individual but to the the family`s institution as well. Travelling agents have to be well informed about the various destinations in order to enable easy and efficient marketing of the same to would be clients. Having the ambitions to take over the family business with a much bigger vision, studying abroad would allow me to eloquently learn a new language and a chance to interact with people and to get to know much more about the difference places in the world. It would also play a pivotal role in widening up my reasoning scale hence enabling me to easily and efficiently run the business succesfully.
Such and oppo...
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