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Should English Teachers be Evaluate (Essay Sample)

I need a Essay on Evaluation of a Teacher. The class that I'm taken is English Composition 1. The book that is being use is "The Prentice Hall Guide for College Writers" Edition 8. We're on page 399 and it talk about Evaluation. Note: I was searching on the Internet and found one at http://global-english(dot)lefora(dot)com/2009/02/12/essay-students-should-evaluate-their-teachers/ source..
Evaluation of a teacher
Teacher evaluation is a very complex process which involves a series of activities and actions that are closely related and interconnected. Evaluations for teachers are often designed to measure the teacher’s competence and to enhance the teacher’s professional development and growth, the effective teacher’s evaluation should give teachers useful feedback information on the classroom needs, counsel from the head and an opportunity to learn new teaching techniques. The evaluator’s should set standards that should relate to important teaching skills, be objective, be linked to teacher’s professional development and be clearly communicated to the teacher before the evaluation begins
Evaluating a teacher in creative writing (composition 1)
In high school classroom situation.
The procedures that evaluators can use includes observation of classroom activities which mainly aims at obtaining a representative sample of a teacher’s performance in the class, Reviewing of lesson plans and classroom records which reflects how well a teacher has thought through instructional goals, the procedure should also expand the number of people involved in the evaluations. According to Gronlund and Linn p 52 Teachers deal with complex problems hence should be given a professional evaluation whereby their peers can set their working standards and focus concentrated on the ability to tackle professional challenges that are encountered in their daily. The entire process of teacher evaluation should follow the steps that include initial preparation, observation, and data acquisition by use of teacher evaluation forms, presentation and recapitulation/follow up.
A teacher needs to be evaluated in a classroom situation in order to determine his/her ability to deliver the teaching content effectively .The kind of evaluation to be carried out depends on the level of the teacher, whether a teacher trainee or a teacher who has been in the field for sometime, for teacher trainees the evaluation is normally aimed at developing the skills in the teacher trainee while for the seasoned teacher it should enhance the skills that have already been instilled. Teachers in creative writing should be able to possess a variety of skills that will enable the stimulation of the student’s minds. At the high school level most of the learners are active adolescents with a lot of creativity and they are generally adventurous .Therefore both the evaluator and the teacher should have a good command of the content that is to be delivered and devise means of how it should be packaged.
In order for one to effectively evaluate a teacher, he/she should be in a position to understand the fundamental principles of the teaching profession, for instance the requirements to conduct a given lesson such as documents which includes lesson plan, lesson notes, schemes of work and class list...
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