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1103 Hidden Ridge Apt 2018: Selling Of Human Body Organs Should Be Legalized (Essay Sample)


1103 Hidden Ridge Apt 2018
1st paragraph- Introduction
2nd paragraph- Con#1
3rd- paragraph-Counter argument of con#1
4th paragraph- Con #2
5th paragraph- Counter argument of Con # 2
6th paragraph- Pro
7th paragraph conclusions
Intext citation should be there


Ranju Khanal
Dr. Cherry
English 1302.71007
13th November 2017
Selling Of Human Body Organs Should Be Legalized
Selling of human body organs topic has been discussed widely for the past few years. However, the major concern on this topic is the legalization of the act. In turn, encouraging consenting or allowing adults to become kidney donors as they still live healthily in return for financial gain has been sort as the solution to the increasingly chronic shortage of transplantation organs. Nevertheless, many people regard the idea as repugnant and argue that this legalized selling of body organs should be banned because it would be unethical. Thus, despite most people regarding this practice as unethical, human body organs selling should be legalized because it saves lives and breeds positive moral property.
Body organs save life and this argument is exceptionally straightforward. Allowing selling of human body organ will save lives to some extend by reduction the transplant organs' shortage. Legalization of body organ sale earn the act a good end by saving one or several lives making the practice a defensible means of realizing such a positive end. The transplant organs' shortage has been announced a major global public health concern/problem. There are about 123,000 patients waiting in a long list of organ transplant patients in the United States (The Economist, 50; Wilkinson, n.p). Similarly, approximately 300,000 patients a transplant are waiting for the same services in China. According to the National Kidney Foundation, in the year 2014, in the United States, the overall average kidney transplant waiting time was more than three and a half years (Malmqvist, n.p.). According to Department of Health, similar scenario was experienced in the UK (Wilkinson, n.p). Moreover, the sizes of waiting lists cannot be relied to serve as the correct reflection of the definite level of need as doctors become reluctant put the patients who have a finite chance of receiving an organ within the right time.
Refuters of this argument of saving of human lives take two forms. Their argument could be empirically objected where the critic argues that allowing human organ sale might be ineffective (Wilkinson, n.p.; Malmqvist, n.p.). The other argument is that alternative system could be sort and work better. For instance, we could improve the manner in which people approach their bereaved relatives as a way of possibility encouraging living donation through publication, or get a move to a presumed consent system or mandated choice. In other ways, we might accept empirically

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