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Punishment for Bullying (Essay Sample)


would like a paper that address bullying issues. Problems with the act of bullying. and should the bully face some form of punishment because of the bullying. I am anti bullying and do feel at a certain age a bully should face some for of sentence for this offense. multiple offense should have harsher penalties • organize thoughts in ; both sides • use strong and persuasive evidence and specific examples • organize evidence in a logical and effective manner • write a strong introductory paragraph, body paragraphs and conclusion • demonstrate strong vocabulary, syntax, grammar, punctuation and spelling use at least 4 of these resources and if possible 2 internet/web resources of your choice Garrett, Anne G. Bullying in American Schools Causes: Causes, Preventions, Interventions. Gilliatt, Jacqui. Teaching and the Law. Routledge, 2013. Goodstein, Phyllis Kaufman. How to Stop Bullying in Classrooms and Schools: Using Social Architecture to Prevent, Lessen, and End Bullying. Routledge, 2013.----book Winkler, Kathleen. Bullying: How to Deal with Taunting, Teasing, and Tormenting. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers, 2005. Print. Dosani, Sabina. Bullying: Brilliant Ideas for Keeping Your Child Safe and Happy. Oxford: Infinite Ideas, 2008. Internet resource. Lines, Dennis. The Bullies: Understanding Bullies and Bullying. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2008. Internet resource. Tamanini, Kara . "How Do We Stop Bullying in Schools? | Psych Central."

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Punishment for Bullying
Bullying is a grave problem to communities, schools, and homes. The worst part of the problem is that most individuals dismiss it as an adolescent “rite of passage”. According to Lines (n.p), bullying is detrimental to the social, academic, physical, and emotional development of the targets, bullies, and bystanders. What is bullying? The term bullying could be elucidated as recurrent negative mannerisms that take advantage of the weaker individuals of the society. These negative mannerisms include shunning, name-calling, physical violence, threatening, or cyber bullying. Despite of the increased inquiry by the media and numerous anti-bullying programs, bullying still permeates in our society. In fact, Dosani (n.p) argues that bullying is not only associated to youth, but the author also argues that bullying spans all ages. This paper argues that bullies must be punished due to the effect of bullying.
Effects of Bullying
Research has shown that both adults and children who are constantly subjected to insulting behavior are at peril of stress and interrelated ailments. This is highlighted by the fact that children who are always bullied often depict unhappy faces. The victims of bullying can also suffer from long term emotional and behavioral problems. According to Shore, (p.59), a target always portrays the trauma caused by bullying several years down the line. It molds their personality by lowering their self-esteems. Bullying causes seclusion, despair, and could lead to low self-image. Bullying has also proved to cause alienation in young children, and the bullied experience great social troubles. In long term, bullying may lead to post traumatic hassle syndrome and an inability to form affiliations. In extreme cases, bullying has been found to increase the risk of committing suicide. For instance, a fifteen-year-old immigrant from Ireland committed suicide as a remedy to bullying (Dosani, n.p).
Punishment for bullying
High-level forms of fierceness such as murder are given most media responsiveness, but lower-level forms of vehemence such as bullying are not addressed. Lately bullying has been documented as a distinct offence. This has led to rise of anti-bullying movements, which are gaining acceptance. For example, the charity act against bullying, which was formed in UK fights against bullying. In US, National Bullying Prevention Month was affirmed and anti-bullying laws were created (Garrett, 33). Despite creation of the creation of the rules and the anti-bullying movements, bullying is not taken seriously. Law e...
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