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Leadership Position in Public Office Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


500 words, 4500 characters. Write about 5.
A position in office that could help climate change and poverty together. research this idea.
Also include as you see fit things from my resume below.
How I was in Harry Potter in the Cursed Child on Broadway. Gained: family, community, independence.
I won class president and was one fo the founders of the sustainability club. gained: Leadership skills, work well with others
Attended the tonys-- An amazing experience
Created a sweatshirt business of over quarantine that made 14,000 dollars that went to Feeding America. --Helping the less fortunate which is important to me.
Had an internship as an intern with:
charity Gods Love We deliver, Prink Shop, Lewis Miller designs,
Science Teacher Sarah as student teacher. --gained: independence, writing, working with others, finding what I was passionate about.
Please write this well and think outside the box. Do not rephrase what I wrote or I will want to be refunded.
Thank you. use that Master education I am paying for


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Leadership Position in Public Office
Leadership has been a critical area of interest to me. My aspiration to become a leader emanates from the desire to gain power and influence the decision-making processes. These decisions are to be tailored towards serving the public interest and make our world a better place for all. In alignment with my focus on pursuing a leadership course, I have engaged in numerous activities geared towards promoting service delivery to others. I won the Class President position and was one of the sustainability club founders, where I collaborated with others and consequently gained vital leadership skills. I also love charity, and this prompted me to create a sweatshirt business during the quarantine period, raising revenue of more than $14,000. I channeled these resources towards the provision of basic needs to Americans, specifically the less fortunate. Serving the general public while conducting maximum efforts to help the poor are critical areas that are so crucial to me and close to my heart's desires.
My primary goal of being in leadership is implementing positive change that will produce long-term impacts on people's lives. I am passionate about having a leadership position that could

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