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Media, Domestic, Campaign, Interest Groups With Politics (Essay Sample)


Choose one policy issue - I chose the media and politics
Media, Domestic, Campaign, Interest groups with politics
Make an argument about the issue( may or may not reflect my own position ) Thesis driven and well supported/


Politics and the Media
Author’s Name:
Politics and the Media
Communicating political information in a political language is a significant facet in politics, and it is the central role of the mass media to play this role. The press is entitled to proving the electorates with an agenda that helps them to understand the future, the past, and contemporary events as they unfold in the political system (Owen, 2019, Para.5). Hitherto, there is a debate regarding the character and the degree of the effects that the media has in shaping political systems. For instance, some philosophers claim that the Britain-based press has a critical responsibility in developing the country's democracy by enabling a relatively substantial number of electorates to express their views on matters politics. According to Emiliano Grossman, the media "may not be successful much of the time in telling people what to think, but it is stunningly successful in telling its readers what to think about. The world will look different to different people" (2019, Para.2). In this respect, most people maintain that the mass media is against democracy because of its roles in shaping what people think and talk about as well as the way people perceive politics and politicians.
The new political media is an emerging trend of mass media that majors on a type of communication which influences the generation, broadcasting, and sharing of political information on networks and platforms that accommodate collaboration and interaction (Owen, 2019, Para.1). The new political media arose in the late 1980s when platforms that foster entertainment such as radio stations, television shows, and newspaper papers, took on conspicuous civic duties by taking over the role to disseminating information to the public. Bill Clinton showed up in broad daylight on Arsenio Hall's Television which runs a program on politicians’ syndicates playing the saxophone and wearing shades. Clinton elaborated on government and political matters alike which divided the attention of the public that had initially been misguided by the media. This necessitated the need to allow public participation in matters development and political alignment to avoid overreliance on the press to make decisions.
In the United States, people refer to media as 'The Fourth Estate' whose central role is to disseminate news media, thus the name 'the press.' As a press, people expect the mass media to serve as the ears and eyes of the general public. The conventional mass media is thought of as the best platform to put the American government and politicians on the toss and to hold them accountable to the citizens (Grossman, 2019, Para. 3). In so far as the press acts as the interface between the general public and the serving government bestowed with social-cultural powers to enlighten the people, the media has been manipulated to the extent that its contemporary impacts are no longer formally and reliably app

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