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Master success (Essay Sample)

Choose a person. Explain why you believe this person is a success. Explain how this person has influenced you toward your goal of becoming a successful student at Westchester Community College, a better individual, or has made your life easier to live? You are required to use 3 resources as a reference. I choose Steve Jobs former Apple CEO source..
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Master success
Role models are enormously important in our lives, especially for students. People will always want to be associated with great personalities who have had far-fetched dedication to a human purpose. Steve Jobs’ demise has dealt a huge blow to the worlds of technology, creative arts and marketing platforms (Gaines). Students have a lot to learn from the life of Steve Jobs, the former Apple CEO who is best remembered for having made big breakthroughs in the field of computing technologies. The passionate belief that technology should transform human activities into desirable experiences endeared Steve Jobs to many people, especially students (Gaines). This paper explores how Steve Jobs has influenced me to become a successful student at Westchester Community College.
Why I believe Steve Jobs was a success
Steve Jobs can be thanked for having taken part in the design of computers, which have enormously changed the way we carry out tasks (Gaines). In 1976, Jobs and other computer geniuses founded Apple, the famous technology company that has succeeded in developing computer technologies (Bennett, 313). In Apple, Jobs helped in designing computer hardware and software solutions, which are currently the computing elements of automated machines (Gaines). Jobs can be considered as a success, since his products have largely succeeded in claiming big shares in the computer market. For instance, modern computing and electronic gadgets such as laptops, iPhones, MacBook Airs, iTunes, Apple TV and iPads are all associated with the creativity prowess of Steve Jobs (Gaines).
Apart from his involvement in Apple’s creative electronic products, Jobs can also be considered to be successful in the development of animation studios (Bennett, 312). I believe Steve Jobs was a success in the introduction of computer animated films, since he launched the famous Pixar Animation Studios in 1985 (Bennett, 312). Animated films have undoubtedly enabled the development of high-end visualization technologies in computers. In addition, Jobs designed various film software solutions during his time at Pixar (Gaines). Some of the successful software products that were designed by Jobs at Pixar include REYES and CAPS, both of which won the Academy Technical Awards in the early 1990s (Bennett, 312). Thus, I strongly believe that Steve Jobs was a success in various technology fields.
How Steve Jobs has influenced me towards my goal of becoming a successful student College students are in great need of technology solutions in order to succeed in learning activities (Gaines). Certificate and associate degree programs that are offered by Westchester Community College require competitive learning approaches. Digital learning has become part and parcel of learning models used at this college (Bennett, 312). There are various ways in which Steve Jobs has influenced my goal of...
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