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Letter to the Editor. Creative Writing Essay. Climate Change (Essay Sample)


Assignment Description:  Letter to the Editor
Paper Length: 2 pages (minimum) 
Format Requirements: 12-pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins
For your response paper, you are required to write a “Letter to the Editor” of a print or online news publication. You do not need to submit this letter to the publication itself, but you must write to a legitimate source (such as the New York Times, FOX News, Wall Street Journal, etc.). See, for example, various letters sent to the New York Times at Your letter must:
Reference and discuss at least one recent article from your chosen publication (this is the article you are responding to)
Discuss one of the primary topics in the reading materials (accommodating science, climate change, model dependent realism, proximity, rhetorical analysis.)
Reflect the tone and expectations of your chosen publication, even (especially?) if you take a critical standpoint on your chosen article 
Make a persuasive and informed claim about your chosen topic or article that draws on the reading materials
Remember, letters to the editor can be complimentary and/or critical, but you shouldn’t simply bash (or praise) the publication, or a specific article. You are adding your voice to the conversation, so be sure that you say something meaningful to you and to the publication’s readers. For example, if you disagree with an article’s standpoint on climate change, offer some evidence and reasoning that might help readers change their minds—don't just argue a “fake news” angle.
Be sure that you specify the publication and article that you choose to discuss, preferably in your letter itself. For example, you might write, “Dear editors of the Wall Street Journal,” and continue with a sentence that mentions the article you plan to discuss. Be sure, also, to cite all sources (this is a different requirement than typical letters to the editor). 
Note that this is an opportunity to take a more informal (but equally informed) approach to the topics in the reading materials—to speak your mind about something important to you. Be respectful, and be sure to look through some other letters to the editor for your chosen publication (if available) to see how others have approached the genre. 


Climate Change
Dear New York Times editors, my article is about climate change and how it affects human health and the environment. The effects of climate change are increasing globally, and many organizations, including businesses, government, and individuals, are talking about finding a solution to this problem. At the world’s economic forum held in Davos, climate change was the main agenda of the conference. The emission of poisonous gases causes climate change into the air, such as carbon and Sulphur dioxide. 

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