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Indian Mascots - You're Out By Jack Shakely (Essay Sample)


Write a paper evaluating Indian Mascots- You're Out essay by Jack Shakley in the essay style called evaluating essay. For an evaluating essay, you will be evaluating your subject's quality based on a set of criteria. Your paper should include: Introduction to your subject, Statement of judgement (couched in terms of value: good, bad, better than, worse than, of merit, worthless), Statement of standard and accepted criteria on which this judgment is based, Three reasons with evidence in support of the judgment, Statement of opposing side´s position (opposite - i.e., this is not a good point because...), First reason with evidence in support of opposing side´s position which is counter argued with evidence, Second reason with evidence in support of opposing side´s position which is counter argued with evidence, Conclusion (in paragraph form-usually 3-5 sentences) You'll also need to include a Work Cited page following your essay. 
You'll need to cite your "Everything's an Argument" text book and Indian Mascots- You're Out essay by Jack Shakley essay you evaluated in your Work Cited page, in addition to any other sources you might use. 

"Indian Mascots-You’re Out" By Jack Shakely
The essay is all about the need of changing Indian names in the sports team. The author explains that when he was young his father took him to New York for an Indian Yankee game where he bought a Cleveland cap. However, this did not impress the mother to the author and as a result she took of the cap from his head and threw it into the trash. This is an indication that the Americans had negative perceptions towards the Indians and some were having problems with the sports team using the Indian names. However, from the statistics conducted it shows that the majority of people had no problems with the sports team using the names. Their concerns were only for their teams to win. On contrary, there was an opposition from the other side where some fans pledged for the names to be changed.
The changing of names is regarded to be worthless and of no impact to the teams and the fans as well. This is because the Indian names were too familiar to the fans and it would take a decade for them to forget. Moreover, there was no need of changing these names because majority was comfortable with them. Also, the changing of names could not add any value to the teams and therefore it was meaningless to both the teams and the fans as well. Additionally, the decision of changing the names of the teams was manifested in the fans and not the management and authorities (Web). Therefore, this was a wrong approach that would bridge gaps between the American natives and the Indians living in America.
There are a number of reasons behind the above judgment. To begin with, changing the names of the teams and even the institutions in America from the Indian names to other names was a sign of racism by the American citizens towards the Indians. The Indians felt discriminated against by the U.S citizens and therefore as a result this bridged a big gap between the two communities that brought hatred. Moreover, the removing of Indian names from institutions of learning and professional teams brought a bad image of the U.S. and this made majority of people to think negatively about America (Web).
The second reason to back the above judgment is that there was no need of changing these names since majority of citizens were okay with the names and therefore this was an oppositions from just a few individuals. Additionally, this killed the support from the fans that were behind the many teams from different institutions. This was evident as the turnout in the games reduced with a huge number and this was a drawback to the organization to the teams and the organizations as well. The losses were experienced to the institutions as well as the turnout for students especially the Indians turned...
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