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Independent Reading Log - ENG103 Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


The student will research some literary aspect of one assigned reading (no more than 2 of the Independent Reading Logs may be short stories). The student will summarize the opinions of 2-3 scholars on this aspect (300-500 words) and then write a 300 word reflection on how the findings impact interpretation
of the work. This should include a Works Cited page and be in MLA format.
Choice of texts:
- Buck, Pearl S. The Good Earth. (Any edition)
- O’Connor, Flannery. The Complete Stories. New York: Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux, 1971. Print.
Stories to read: “Greenleaf,” “Judgement Day,” “The Enduring Chill,” “Good Country People,” “Everything that Rises Must Converge,” “Revelation”
- Wharton, Edith. Ethan Frome. (Any edition; the book is freely available online.)
- Wiebe, Rudy. Peace Shall Destroy Many. Toronto: Vintage Canada, 2001. Print.


Date of Submission
Independent Readings Essay
Summary of the Opinions
The "Good Earth" presents Wang Lung as a character with positive attributes. His live struggles reflect the ancient Chinese Society that relied on land as a source of livelihood people work as farmers. Wang engages in farming to sustain his family. However, a major weakness is noted when he gains excessive wealth and gets involved in pleasures that negatively affects his marriage. Santosa, (127), therefore, explains how farming changed Wang's social and economic conditions. Wang Lung has much affection for the land. He prefers staying on land for major part of his time. The author states that ".. and if he grew too weary in the day, he laid himself into the furrow.."(Buck, 137). The author explains the significance of land concerning the ancient perception of the area which was a primary source of wealth. According to Santosa's (127), aspiration of gaining wealth depended on the acquisition of land, and this was also initiated through economic and social challenges evident through the life of Lung's family. Santosa's further describes Lung as a hardworking person. This is also evident when he persuades his uncle to work when he asked him for money.

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