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The Hyundai Genesis and Car Finder Advertisement Essay (Essay Sample)


dont need too high levels vocabulary, the files is a package , only need to write the front six pages's assignment. I dont know hoe to choose the subject, the is college writing 1. double space


Advertisement Essay: The Hyundai Genesis and Car Finder
Advertisers and marketers focus on visual persuasion to create awareness and sell products, and an effective ad can appeal to a wider audience. One of the ways to persuade is to highlight the strong points and this differentiates a company’s products or services from that of the competitors. When intensifying the strong points association and composition of the ads is necessary and when memorable this connects with the audience. Appealing to credibility, emotions and rational thinking are common rhetorical strategies in advertising. The 2016 Hyundai Super Bowl 50 Commercial advertisement of the Hyundai Genesis and Blue Link Car Finder is effective as it appeals to endorsement and reliability.
The NFL Super Bowl is one of the biggest platforms for advertisers, where the ads can be at the pregame shows and during the game in different quarters. For Hyundai the NFL is an ideal place to highlight the company’s new products by introducing a different version of the Genesis vehicle and car tracker. Comedian Kevin Hart represents an overprotective father who allows his daughter to go on her first date with the two using his Hyundai Genesis, but he keeps track of them and follows them. While the ad mainly focuses on the car, the finder is another option that makes the car suitable for the target audience.
When the date arrives to pick the daughter he notices that the house is big, and is surprised when the father allows him to drive his car. While the daughter does not suspect anything her date sees him at the theater and the carnival. This highlights that he was out looking for her interests and ensured that she was in safe hands, and this was only possible because of the car tracking features. The technological features appeals to a wide audience keen on tracking where their vehicles are, and by focusing on the young couple the advertisers also appeals to young adults as the car is ‘cool’.
Even though the ad features a black father and young couple it appeals to many middle aged parents, the target audience for the super bowl audience is mostly white men between the ages of 35-49 years. Among the target audience those interested in the classy cars would find the ad appealing, but even younger and older adults also view the NFL games. Since the ad shows a parent, those with teenage would be interested, but even the young adults can own the car. Integrating the tracking features in the ad emphasizes that the car is classy, and while there is no music in the background one can follow the story through what happens to the couple and the girl’s father. Towards the end of the ad Hart even hangs from a helicopter as he tries to get a better view of the young couple when the yo

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