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Why Does Gun Violence Often Happen On Campus? (Essay Sample)


The topic of this essay is " why does gun violence often happen on campus?"
You need to do some researches on this topic, and you need to respond to this topic with your ideas, thoughts and the sources, information from the research that you did.
After researching and evaluating the topic, notice the reactions and responses that you are having to each source and to the topic as a whole. Decide what you'd like to add to the discussion. You have a unique perspective and have had a chance to analyze the topic—what do you have to say to those involved (or to the ones listening to those involved)?
Join the topic. Write an essay with a specific audience in mind, lending your voice to the discussion. Pull in research as needed for support, clarification, and effect. This is an essay which incorporates research, but this is not a research paper. In other words, the goal of the essay is not to research/summarize a conversation that is taking place—the goals are to identify the questions which exist beneath the topic and to address either those questions or the conversation, itself.
In this essay, you can use context, structure, the use of language, summary, analysis, the various ways to respond, quoting sources, balance within the essay, and citation. Remember to keep your purpose and your specific audience in mind at all times while you write—the choices you make regarding these things (structure, language, etc.) should serve your purpose for this particular audience.


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Why Does Gun Violence Often Happen on Campus


Gun violence has increased significantly in schools, colleges, and campus over the past two decades. In the last few years, several school shootings have taken place leading to numerous deaths. For instance, in 1999, 13 students were reported dead in a gun attack in Columbine 23 others died in a similar gun attack in Sandy Hook. In the same year, 17 people were reported dead in a similar attack in Marjory Stoneman Douglas. The number of campus-related deaths has been going up significantly over the years, thus demanding an explanation of this phenomenon.

According to (Lee) there is an average of 10 school shootings per year since the Columbine incidence in 1999. In 2002, there was a record of five shootings while in 2014, the number increased to 15 this being the highest rate. The increased cases of gun attacks in schools and colleges arouse many questions as to what may be causing the attacks. More than 187,000 students have experienced shootings on campuses during school hours. The gun violence experienced by the students often affects the learning and growth of the students. The students no longer feel safe in campus compounds.

The environment in which the students were born and raised up is a major contributing factor to increased gun violence in schools. According to Skorton and Altschuler, most students who shoot their colleagues were born and raised in a community where shootings were the order of the day. Because of growing up in such an environment, the students grow up with a mentality that the use of guns is a way of defending oneself. Black and Hispanic students are more exposed to gun attacks than white students are. To prevent gun violence, it is important to first deal with the environment in which children are brought up.

Over the years, schools have tried to implement strategies to keep off guns from schools, but this has not been successful. For instance, in the case of Mitchell, a student attacked a fellow student and a gym instructor with a pistol. Students were passed through metal detectors one week earlier, but unfortunately, the day of the attack it did not happen. Even with a screening of students every day, it has been difficult to prevent gun violence in schools (Woodrow and Rich). Most gunfire violence happens over the weekend and late nights when no staff or students are present. In other cases, it happens during extracurricular activities like football games and dances. The attackers strike when less attention is given to security by both staff and students, especially after the events when st

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