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Government Breach Our Privacy of Global Security (Essay Sample)


This is for FInal essay in IGCSE Global Perspective


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Government Breach Our Privacy of Global Security
The world we live in is full of challenges, but it may not be possible for us to pick up newspapers, watch television, listen to the radio and scan the news portals on a regular basis. Still, we should manage our time and spare a couple of hours every day to know what’s going on nationally and internationally. Global security is all about measures taken by governments and non-profit organizations like European Union and United Nations to ensure safety and protection of the people. We cannot know the status of our security on a national or international level until or unless we read newspapers, watch television or scan different news outlets on the internet (Gilead 2014). It is the responsibility of every government to provide its citizens with complete privacy and safety; meanwhile, they have no right to interfere with our personal matters or breach our privacy. For example, the government should not keep an eye on what’s going on inside our house, what have we eaten, do we have weapons for personal safety or not. All these are one’s own matters, and the governments should never get involved in such things. In the same way, the government should never breach our privacy of global security (Barakat, Bouna, Nassar, & Guyeux 2016).
Limits on power
Privacy is one of the limits on private sector firms as well as the government. The more they know about us, the higher will be their chances of ruining our lives of creating a mess for us. That’s why everything should be within its limits; for example, we should never share our personal data with anyone outside our country. Similarly, the government should never share the private information of the people with other states until or unless they seek permission of the rightful owners (Aplin). Sometimes the personal data is used for wrongful purposes, and this can create multiple problems for people. It is also used to influence our decisions or shape our behavior and is often used to exercise control on the citizens. While living in a country, we are supervised by police and the government officers in one way or the other. They keep our private data with them to avoid any problem. But if they expose the sensitive information to the world, preferably through the internet, then they can be blamed for breaching our privacy. And when our data reaches the wrong hands, it can cause problems for us inside and outside the country (Varuhas 2018).
Respect for people
Privacy is all about respecting people and valuing humanity. If a person wants to keep his matters private, then it doesn’t mean he is trying to commit a crime or is involved in a wrong deed. Maybe, he doesn’t want the world to know about his existence and want to ensure the safety of his family and friends. In such circumstances, the governments should respect our feelings and emotions, and should not disrespect anyone by sharing their data with unknown people, for undisclosed reasons (Gay 2015). The desire for privacy conflicts with major values, so it may not win out in the balance. The governments sometimes share private data of a group of individuals considering that they are involved in wrong deeds. For example, if a person is suspected, his picture, home address, email ID, phone number and family information may get shared on the internet and exposed through television. In such circumstances, this individual won’t be able to provide his family with complete privacy and protection. Thus, before doing such things, the governments should always seek written permission. This way, they will help that person maintain his integrity and decency (Talesh 2017).
Reputation matters
For so...

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