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Why Restricting Firearm Guiding Policies Is Vital In Reducing Gun-related Accidents And Crimes? (Essay Sample)


An article about Gun Right, the article should stand on the side of Gun Control to write, that is, to support the more stringent to control the firearms. Articles have five paragraphs, there are three cases to explain their point of view and the reasons. (Case to use the previous case, can not use the Las Vegas event) Picture Template and Example

Gun Control
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Gun control is a set laws or policies that control the use, transfer, manufacture or possession of firearms by civilians. In the U.S, some states have restrictive firearm policies while other states allow civilians to poses firearms. Gun control is very important in any given country because it reduces the risks accidents and crimes. This paper seeks to address the reasons why restricting firearm guiding policies is vital in reducing gun-related accidents and crimes.
Allowing civilians to poses firearms increases the chances of gun-related death in a household. Kids under the age of 15 are under the risk of dying of a gun accident due to negligence or any other reason. Also, legal purchase of handguns is associated with increased risk of violent death (Kleck, 2005). This means that people who own handguns are in an increased situation to have themselves killed or a member of their family is likely to commit suicide with the gun. Therefore, it is important to control gun possession to avoid such death related accidents.
Most guns that are used in crimes are legally purchased by people for private ownership. These guns are sometimes stolen from the owners and used in violent crimes (Blocher, 2014). This means that people who could not have accessed a gun to use for criminal reasons my gain access to a legally purchased gun. It is important to regulate gun possession to minimize the chances of criminals accessing guns easily.
Lastly, domestic violence and suicides increases in relation to gun possession. Misunderstandings are unavoidable in every family and sometimes they are violent. These misunderstandings can result in a death if a gun is readily available to one of the people involved in the confrontation. Due to personal stress and depression, a person who can access a gun easily is likely to commit suicide (Kleck, 2005). People who can’t access guns easily are les...
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