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FHS or FWS seminar to study at CMC Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


One of the hallmarks of a CMC education is the first-year humanities program that all students take in their first year at the College. The program has two components: the Freshman Humanities Seminar (FHS) and the Freshman Writing Seminar (FWS). While each FHS and FWS seminar has a distinctive approach in terms of texts and topics, their pairing gives first-year students a shared academic experience in small, writing-intensive courses that foster critical thinking about a wide range of important issues.
FHS introduces first-year students to some of the crucial questions that human beings face with relation to society and the world. Individual sections are taught by faculty from a range of departments. Past and current topics include:
1. Democracy and Leadership
2. Women in Science
3. Unconventional Thinking
FWS, taught by faculty from the literature department, develops students’ abilities in written and oral communication at the college level. Past and current topics include:
1. Art of the Personal Essay
2. Blackness in American Cinema
3. Post-Apocalyptic Humanity
For the purpose of this essay prompt, pick one FHS or FWS seminar to study at CMC. What part of your personal experience—or your desire to know more about an area outside of your experience—best explains your seminar choice?
View the full list of FHS and FWS topics. *


Topic FHS or FWS Seminar to Study at CMC
What is the true meaning of freedom? This is a question, more often than not, pretty complex and challenging to answer. The concept of freedom is present in almost all aspects of life in society. However, I do not entirely feel like we, humans, live in a free world. This makes me very curious to learn in detail the true definition of freedom and what it entails. In the Freshman Humanities Seminar, freedom is a topic that gives me a great interest in this seminar.

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