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Differences between my two sisters: Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)

is a comparison essay between my two sisters. Iveth and Nancy. I need a introduction,thesis statement whit three point personality, appearance, responsibility. you can use a positive for one and a negative for the other one. is point by point three body paragraph on a conclusion. 1person is shy, quiet, irresponsible (example), not ready to take actions (example), achievements: teacher Education: College doesn't have boyfriend 2person is active, stubborn, goal-minded, ready to take the responsibility, does sports, Achievements: Leading administrator Education: College has a boyfriend and strong relationship they must be the opposites. source..
Differences between my two sisters
Though there are similarities between people, differences will always be there, the aspect that we are all not the same is true; indeed, every person has distinct characteristics and personality. The difference in people is what leads to the differences in opinion and views. Not accepting the fact that we are all different is blinding and lying to ourselves. Even people who share the same parents are different; this can be seen in the distinction between my two sisters, Iveth and Nancy. Despite being raised and growing up in the same environment, they ended up different from each other in many ways. This difference is due to the innate ability of adaptation between the two; their differences are majorly in personality, appearance, responsibility.
The first difference between Iveth and Nancy is their personality. Personality looks at the differences in individuals in the distinct characteristics in behavior, thoughts and feelings. In short, it is the aspect of getting to know the holistic concept of a person. Personality is not only psychological construct but also an influence from biological needs and processes. Whereas Ivy is shy and quiet, Nancy is active and stubborn. By being shy, Ivy has not been able to make a lot of friends. Nancy on the other hand has many friends as s...
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