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Cyber Security And Autonomous Vehicles Blog (Essay Sample)


When confronted with an unavoidable crash scenario, how should an autonomous vehicle (AV) be programmed to evaluate the various options?
- Should it be programmed to minimize risk to the passengers of the AV at all costs (even if doing so will lead to the most fatalities or serious injuries)? Make sure you justify your answer.
- Should it be programmed to follow one of the three ethical theories we've studied this semester? If so, which one and why?
- Or, should the AV be programmed to adopt another approach? Describe this approach and the justification for it.
After you develop your initial position, identify the most serious objection to it. How would you respond to this objection?
Choose one question of three writing blog and ask last question


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Autonomous Vehicles Blog
If there is one topic that's getting lots of attention in media, public sphere and general health discussions these days, it is how to program autonomous vehicles (AVs) to minimize risks to passengers at all cost. According to CDC (Cyber Defense Center), more than 32,000 people lose their lives every year due to road accidents, and many of them are because of the involvement of self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles. In recent months, a push was made in the technology and automobile industries to make vehicles safer, accidents lesser and drivers more aware of the uncertain circumstances (Gruber & Mann 2016).
The policymakers believe that this will eventually decrease the number of accidents that are devastating injuries, plaguing the nation and creating a mess for passengers in one way or the othe

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