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CS And Engineering In An International Setting Blog (Essay Sample)


The article on cobalt mining raises important questions about the source of materials used in the products designed and manufactured by engineers and computer scientists. What obligations, if any, do engineers/computer scientists have to make sure that materials are as ethically sourced as possible? Justify your answer. Refer to and cite specific portions of your discipline's code of ethics to support your position. Identify and respond to the strongest counterargument to your position.


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Computer Science and Engineering in an International Setting Blog
Computer scientists and engineers drive creativity and innovation in technical industries around the world. The computer scientists and engineers design products they feel are best suited for a particular job, for example, if a house is to be built in a cold desert, the engineers can design materials best suited for the area to be used in making the apartment. The cost of the materials is always the primary concern in developing a product. In the mobile and motor vehicle industry, cobalt is a principal material used in manufacturing the batteries of electric cars and phones. Cobalt is a mineral acquired from the mines. Is the cobalt produced responsibly from the mines? Is the central question that is continuously haunting engineers and computer scientists.
Engineers and computer scientist should have the interest of the public in doing their work (NSPE). In engineering work, the youth should be guided in the right direction concerning their carriers, the health and well-being of the community where the material used for manufacturing is sourced

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