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Children's story impacts (Essay Sample)

This 4-5 page length synthesis combines ideas contained in three chapters of our text: Chapter 5 which is an explanation of the writing of the argumentative synthesis; Chapter 12 – Folklore which is an example of the core content of the discussion; and a portion of Chapter 3 – Thesis along with other attached articles which offer explanations of the themes, motivations and characters of your chosen fairy or folk tale.Your paper will be the application of the theory found in Chapter 12 and in the attached file on Fairy Tale and Film to one film adaptation of a famous folk or fairy tale, i.e. the 1987-1990 t.v. series Beauty and the Beast. Please do not limit yourself to Disney variants of these stories. The basic premise of this 4-5 page assignment is to first select a well known children's story (either traditional or contemporary) and analyze it for its film adaptation for its societal influence. Such questions might be "What is it teaching children?" or "What aspects of life and/or human psychology is it focused upon obviously and subtly?" The tv show or movie you chose for this analysis will be your primary source material. All articles from the text reflecting upon the psychological and/or environmental issues or any other thematic emphasis conveyed in the story will be your secondary sources. Use the essays arguing various aspects of Cinderella contained in Chapter 12/8 as examples of how to write this type of essay. Note how each essay in this chapter addresses Cinderella with a different argumentative thesis. In Lit 102 these are called the critical strategies of analysis. See attached file for examples of Critical Strategies: http://www(dot)cla(dot)purdue(dot)edu/blackmon/engl360k/critical.html. Final paper should be submitted in MLA format with at least three secondary sources. (The film, itself, will act as your primary.) source..
Children’s stories bear heavy impact on the lives of children. These stories are usually useful in contemporary classrooms as it offers the students a platform of reading and exploring the world through movies, books among others, at a tender age. The story of snow white and seven dwarfs is a children’s fairy tale that numerous children are popular with and they always like to read and watch the story repeatedly. The film of the tale is particularly very interesting as it helps erase the imaginations and brings reality of what could have happened in the story. The film as well is educative to children and it portrays various aspects of life and human psychology that are focused in an obvious and subtle way (Disney movies).
The fairy tale is striking from the beginning, bearing film animation that is interesting and seems to have originated from a very creative literature writer. This is because it brings interest from the start, as well as attention seeking. The movie features about a certain daughter of a prince who lived in a great castle. This daughter grew up contented and happy even though she had a jealous stepmother. In the film, she appears very young beautiful and vibrant with long black hair and blue eyes. In addition, her skin was fair and delicate and due to her beauty, she was named Snow White. The physical appearance in those times and even currently portrays great beauty. The stepmother appears beautiful too and thus she owns a magic mirror that acknowledges her beauty every day. The stepmother stands before the magic mirror and ask it who was the fairest woman of all, and the response would be in her favor. The woman would always rejoice in everyday’s declaration of her beauty by the magic mirror (Disney & Walt, 24).
Unfortunately, the mirror gives a negative reply one day that implies that Snow White is the most fairest of all women. This realization angers the stepmother and since she is wicked, she plots to eliminate Snow White. The movie brings out a review of a wicked and selfish society when the stepmother bribes one of her servants and he gladly accept. It is a sad scenario when people that we ought to trust go out of their way to harm us just for their selfish interests. Snow White trusts the servant to a point of following him to the forest, unknown to her that the servant was ‘a wolf in sheep’s skin. ‘Luckily, the servant lacks the courage to kill her as they had planned with the evil stepmother and so he runs off after telling the young girl that he would be back shortly (Disney & Walt, 24 ). This is an implication to children that they ought to be full of good behaviors and character so that the wicked will lack the reason of harming them. Moreover, they will always be protected from harm if they are innocent.
At this point, the film provides a...
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