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Problems with the act of bullying (Essay Sample)


I would like a paper that address bullying issues. Problems with the act of bullying. and should the bully face some form of punishment because of the bullying. I am anti bullying and do feel at a certain age a bully should face some for of sentence for this offense. multiple offense should have harsher penalties.

Bullying entails the use of force to intimidate other people. It can be done by a single person or even a group people. Although most people are aware that bullying is wrong, there still exist bullies in various institutions. Bullying does not only happen among students, but also among members of teaching staff. Many high schools students admit that they have been victims of bullying, and even some refrained from going to school at one point or another because of the harsh treatment they received from bullies (Dosani 67). The core objective of this paper is to explore bullying, its causes and effects, and the types of punishment that bullies should face.
Bullying is brought about by a number of factors such as a negative feeling towards someone because of his/her physical attributes, good performance in various tasks, financial status, religion or social class. Bullying can either be done physically or verbally. Moreover, bullying is also done over the internet. Emergence of the internet has brought with itself cyber-bullying. Some people tweet slanderous messages or send crude photos to others, either because of personal differences or hatred. The most astonishing thing is that bullies feel good when they cause pain to another person (Tamanini 1).
Family environment can act as one of the main causes of bullying because it plays a central role in the growth of children. Lack of parental guidance and discipline can result to children doing anything in order to have their demands listened to. As a result, they start conducting bullying at an early age, in order to draw their parent's attention. Additionally, harsh discipline can also make a child to become a bully. If a child receives a thorough beating no matter the magnitude of the mistake committed, he/she will extend the same to his/her peers whenever they differ (Dosani 92). Therefore, it is imperative to adopt other forms of punishment rather than use of the rod all the time.
In addition, bullying has various effects on its victims. For instance, it can change a person's personality. It makes people who used to be confident and happy to become unsure, shy and self-conscious. In some cases, victims of bul...
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