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Into the Beautiful North by Luis Alberto Urrea. Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


Paper must be in MLA format and have a work cited page not included in the 5 pages.


• Paper #5 (100 points): Write a paper in which you explain how/argue that Into the Beautiful North takes a position and tries to get its reader to adopt a certain conclusion. In other words, make a case that your interpretation of the book is credible and text-based. End your paper's first paragraph with the following formulation:nIn-Statum*
- Eleven. Luis Alberta Urrea argues that... ." Obviously, such a formulation locks you into an interpretive thesis that goes beyond a mere listing of topics. Make your claim sentence (= "interpretive thesis”) grammatically complete, and make sure that you do not use the words “can,” “maybe,” or “might” in that claim sentence; instead, feature the word “should” or the word “ought.” F ngage the book as your only source of evidence on behalf of your claim. Weave, integrate, quote, and comment from across the range of the book as you argue your case. Do not assume that any given character speaks for the book (although he or she might!). Also, do not assume that the book endorses what it depicts (although it might!). Refer to the text in the present tense.


Into The Beautiful North
In the novel “Into the Beautiful North” by Luis Alberto Urrea, focuses on Nayeli is a nineteen-year-old girl, who leaves Tres Camarones, a Mexican village and goes to the United States through Tijuana to find her father who was last known to be n Kankakee, Illinois. Nayeli is inspired by the movie Magnificent Seven and is concerned with the ongoing drug trade in Mexico and crime, where she is accompanied by her friends Yolo and Vampi and Tacho. Into the Beautiful North also highlights that anyone can make positive change in the society as is the case with Nayeli and female characters who embrace changes. The novel’s position is that borders are necessary to reinforce ownership, but they also symbolize exclusion and separateness.

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