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213 Week 4. An Unwelcoming Welcome. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


Please write in simple grammar. Please choose 2 of the films and 3 required readings.


Instructor's Note: Week 4 (Perilous Journeys)Borders and CrossingsThe films this week, films help us understand the threats that migrants face in making their journeys. We learn of the policy decisions that trap migrants in a cycle of poverty and migration, and the social consequences of these policies and much more.
After watching the films consider the following questions. Perhaps you can address some of these in your reflection.• What are the reasons that force migrants to undertake perilous journeys? How many migrants undergo life-threatening journeys every year?• About how many migrants die per year in the Arizona desert or at sea? What are their human rights?• What do migrants undergo in crossing borders?• What is the current state of affairs on U.S. immigration reforms?• What are the names of some of the organizations doing work to help immigrants ? Why are they doing it?• Can you point to a moment in any of the  films that struck you found compelling or any character who you found powerful in the story?• What issues do you think should be prioritized within the immigration debate in the U.S.? How could this be done?• How could countries of origin better provide for their citizens so that they are not left with few options other than migrating? What sorts of initiatives or actions should be prioritized? By whom?• How are migration experiences in different regions of the world similar? Consider the similarities between the Arizona desert and Lampedusa.• The films touch on many topics related to migration (development in sending communities, human rights, the migration journey, deaths on the border, forensic identification of bodies, policy implications, immigration reform). How do you think these issues relate to some of the classes you are taking or any previous knowledge or experiences you’ve had?
 FILMS - WEEK 4 Perilous Journeys and Seeking refugePlease watch any 2 of these films for Week 4:1. Who is Dayani Cristal?by Mark Silver, 88 min, 2014,Link: on You Tube, Amazon Prime and Google Play Movies 
2. Fire at Seaby Gianfranco Rossi, 1 hr 53 mins, 2016On Amazon, Youtube, Google Play etc.
3. El Norte(1983, directed by Gregory Nava) 140 minYou Tube (Free): Amazon Prime (Rental) 
4. The Other Side of Hope(2017, Aki Karasmaki)Rent from You Tube. Google Play, Amazon Prime etc 
5. Born in Syria  on NETFLIX
(2016) directed by Hernan Zin 
6. Climate Refugees>>FREE on TUBI 
 READINGS - WEEK 4REQUIRED READINGS1. We_refugees by We_refugees by - Alternative Formats Hannah_Arendt_.pdf2. The Stories of Migrants Risking Everything for a Better Life: Language is Migrant:
Optional Resources:Bloodless Death: Thinking the Refugee Crisis With Hannah Arendt
El Norte, Ideology and Immigration by Chris List
 How companies profit from immigrant detention
Detention by the numbers
 Heroic Journeys: The Immigrant Experience as the Hero’s Journey in El Norte and La misma luna Heroic Journeys: The Immigrant Experience as the Hero’s Journey in El Norte and La misma luna - Alternative Formats  


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An Unwelcoming Welcome
Laborers, children, women, and the elderly, no one is exempted from the different effects that bring about the need for migration. These circumstances are presented in the films Who is Dayani Cristal? and Born in Syria. As well as in the reading materials, "Language is Migrant," "The Stories of Migrants Risking Everything for a Better Life," and "We Refugees." This paper will be a critical analysis of the movies mentioned above and reading materials, exploring more of the major themes and issues present, as well as its implications for the various nations of the world.

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