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Television: history and influence on our daily life (Essay Sample)


write about the TV. a short history about it, and after that look at one thing about the tv that you want talk about, whether its how its being used to spread information, or how it\'s evolved in the past years, or how its affecting our health. you just need to talk about one thing you like about it or thing that is interesting about it. And in terms or writing please lets keep it at standard english You need at least 3 academic sources. Thank you .

Television: history and influence on our daily life
Television is a major medium of information dissemination and news remission to the public. Approximately 90 percent of all households possess a television set. Everyone wants to be in the know (Ghimire and Arathi 2). People follow different forms of news and information. Some prefer following politics, others business news, while some are glued to the daily television programs. The evolution and invention of television undoubtedly changed the world. Televisions became available to the public from the early 40's. However, its popularity began on a slow off. About 8000 households had access to television at the end of the Second World War. There were only black and white televisions with a few channels to watch at this time. There was so little focus on news. The programming was majorly entertainment. It was not possible to broadcast news programs that were consistently changing (Ghimire and Arathi 1-3).
A part from the internet, television was the most influential and greatest invention in the 20th century. The invention of television was met with skepticism of varying kinds. However, almost 75 years ago since its inception, United States has always been captivated. Today, according to Nielson Media Research and USA Today, there are more televisions more than there are people in average homes. In the past, television was a mere dream in the mind of inventors. Many inventors conceived ideas that basic concepts of sound transmission could be applied to transmission of pictures. People who contributed to the invention of television were Vladimir Zworykin, John Baird, Philo T. Farnsworth and Charles Jenkins. Each of these great men supplied a piece of the puzzle. The cathode ray tube that Zworykin used in the receiver is seen as primitive in the advancements of the modern television such as LCD, LED and Plasma. However, CRT is still sued today in television sets...
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