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Remote Learning Reflection Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


We have all had to adapt quickly to the new practice of remote-learning in the time of pandemic. Write a initial post on your group's discussion board reflecting on your experience learning remotely so far. Be as detailed as possible; you may work with any or all of the three question prompts that follow.
1.) What has been your experience so far learning online? Did you have to transition from in person classes to online learning in the Spring? What was that like? What adjustments did you have to make? What did you learn from that experience that will help you succeed as a student at this college?
2.) What specific strategies worked for you as a student learning in a remote environment? Be detailed and specific. For example, what time management or motivational practices do you use that other students might find helpful.
3.) Are you concerned about your motivation and ability to learn online? Please describe anything you might be worried about.


Remote Learning Reflection.
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Remote Learning Reflection.
As a student, my remote learning experience has been quite engaging, compared to when I was attending regular classes. To get through with it effectively, I had to be more self-disciplined than I was before. I realized that studying online requires more self-motivation and proper time management. No one was around to remind me to stay focused or meet deadlines. There is hope to carry this trait to my workplace and other areas of life in the future. This will, most definitely, look good on my resume. After transitioning from in-person learning to online learning, I noticed that the pressure that existed in a typical school environment was not there anymore. After planning my time well, I ended up having some time to relax, which made me less anxious.
With online learning, sometimes it took me much time than expected to complete my assignments. Compared to when we had physical discussions whenever a challenge was presented, online classes are quite tricky. Being a student who likes working with other students, this transitioning somehow affected me.

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