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The Purple Rose Of Cairo By Woody Allen (Essay Sample)


In the film " Purple Rose of Cairo". Analyze how some of the cinematic techniques we have studied in class are used by the filmmakers to discuss some social, ethical, psychological, gender, age, racial, political, historical, economical and many other issues.
How do the filmmakers bring the audience's attention to these issues by using the tools and techniques available to them?


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The Purple Rose of Cairo
Released in 1985, the Purple Rose of Cairo is an American comedy movie directed and written by Woody Allen and featuring Jeff Daniels, Danny Aiello and Mia Farrow in the leading characters. Inspired by Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author, the Purple Rose of Cairo is the story of a young lady who is suffering from depression and has a lot of challenges to deal with. In such circumstances, she starts depending on the magic of movies to soothe her nerves and escape all tensions and worries. Cecelia (Mia Farrow) lives a miserable life during the Great Depression-ridden of 1930. She works as full-time movie fanatic and a part-time bartender, trying to frequent The Jewel, a famous production house of her city. Blurring the line between fantasy and reality, Tom Baxter (Jeff Daniels) walks into her life, and they become good friends. Prior to meeting Tom, Cecilia’s hopeless life hits lots of lows, but after seeing him and spending some time with him, her life gets transformed by adventure and romance.
Escapism is the main theme of this movie, along with staple Allen’s topics, especially identity: how can we define ourselves and the definition of life is often challenged by the people around us and the world. A lot of social problems have been discussed in the Purple Rose of Cairo, but escapism is the most apparent and exciting theme we should pay attention to. According to its story, Cecelia depends on suspense and other types of films to get rid of her worries and tensions, rather than using drugs or heroin. But when her fantasy world is transformed into a reality, she gets to know that escaping from depression and worries is impossible, and that reality is far different from the world of fantasy.
Cecelia remains unaware of the fact that escaping from depression and worries is not possible on a permanent basis; what she can do is watch movies to get rid of her tensions and problems, but that will be temporary, not permanent. The society we live in has loads of challenges and things to take care of. It may not be possible for a

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