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Mobile Technology Habits and Cognitive Functioning (Essay Sample)


The topic is about how is the Internet, smart phone, Etc. affecting our memories? Please find attached the instructions and an example. Please let me know if you have any question.


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Wilmer, H. Henry., Lauren, E. Sherman, and Jason, M. Chein. “Smartphones and Cognition: A Review of Research Exploring the Links between Mobile Technology Habits and Cognitive Functioning.” Frontier’s in Psychology Vol. 8: 605.
The article provides a comprehensive overview of the effects of smartphones and other devices with internet connectivity on the human being’s cognitive abilities. The authors reiterate on the advantages or merits that come with the use of advanced communication devices through their wide range of applications. However, prudent use of internet platforms and smartphone devices can have adverse repercussions on a person’s cognitive abilities. The authors purport that chronic use of these devices with internet connectivity can negatively impact an individual’s ability to remember important aspects of their daily activities or have difficulties in remembering. The article further suggests that individuals who are constantly glued on the screens of their devices find it challenging to pay attention or have short concentration spans. Habitual use of smartphones, the internet, and other devices may lead to emotional dysfunction in an individual as they find it challenging to regulate or control their emotions. The authors review existing research studies on the impact of routine use of smartphones on the cognitive ability of human beings. The authors seek to highlight the intricate details of human functions in the brain affected by the extensive use of smartphones witnessed today around the world. The article thus serves as an excellent research platform for analyzing the effects of internet and smartphone use on people’s memories.
Heffron, Claire. “Smartphone use may affect teenagers’ memory, new study reveals.” Euronews 2018.
Claire Heffron reports on a study carried out in Sweden on the use of smartphone devices among the teenagers in this article published on the Euronews website. According to the study conducted by the Swiss Institute of Tropical Health and Public Health, teenagers with a tendency of receiving calls on the right ear are at a higher risk of getting memory complications. The study conducted on 700 Swiss teenagers reveal that the electromagnetic fields of the phones’ radio frequencies may have negative impacts on various aspects of their memories. The electromagnetic fields may affect the teenagers’ development of memory functions owing to the harmful exposure of the brain to the radio frequencies. According to the study, writes Claire, the electromagnetic fields, radiations, and radio frequencies of the phones have diverse effects on the brain’s function which in return affects the memory of the teenagers. The article goes ahead to give a slight detail of how the impact of the three elements manifests in the brain of a smartphone user. The study puts forward that the brain waves a human being are usually at high risk of being affected by the phones’ radiations. The use of smartphones by individuals before going to bed, for instance, showcased a different brain wave pattern which the Swiss scientists linked to memory complications in the long run. The right ear is the most vulnerable and easily accessed by the radio frequency waves of smartphones. The study further reveals that the use of headphones and loudspeaker can serve as effective remedies for potential negative impacts on a person’s memory.
Burnett, Dean. “Is the internet killing our brains?” The Guardian 2016
Dean Burnett’s article on October 8th publication on The Guardian’s website provides a different perspective on the issue of whether the in...

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