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Interpersonal communication Course Reflection Essay (Essay Sample)


Approximately 1200-1500 words (for example, Arial 12 pt 1.5 spaced = 3 pages)
Less than 1200 words will be given a deduction / more than 1500 words will be accepted
An academic Capstone includes what a student may consider being the most important elements of knowledge learned. In this class, it is a paper that should showcase the important pieces of knowledge learned during this course of study.
You are asked to explain the THREE human communication topics you learned in this course which you believe are the most important to you as you prepare for, and pursue your future endeavors. After determining the topics that you will be exploring, you will then need to conduct research into the topics.
By reading literature regarding the topics, you will be able to develop your thesis statement. Your thesis statement is the one sentence that describes what your entire capstone project will be about. All subsequent information in your capstone project should then support your thesis statement.
As you prepare to write your paper:
1) You are asked to identify the 3 topics we have covered this semester, found in our textbook, that you feel to be the most important to you as you prepare for your future career or relating to your personal life.
2) You are required to cite the very brief content, or portion in our Floyd text where you were introduced to your chosen topics.
3) You are asked to present additional personal insight and additional researched materials, outside of our book, to enhance, to give deeper understanding of the materials you have chosen. You are asked to offer sufficient support for statements and assertions made and to include definitions, examples, descriptions, and specific details.
4) Finally, you are also asked to explain why you chose the particular topics and how learning and incorporating this part of interpersonal communication relates to your chosen profession and how it will help you to become a more competent communicator in the future.
As with all written materials, correct use of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, must be appropriate to college-level.


Institutional Affiliation
Course Code and Title
Interpersonal Communication
Human communication can be defined as a survey course which rotates within a communication theory. This theory grows and develops communication techniques in career and individual relationships in specific groups, general public settings, and even interpersonal cases. Normally, the course outline requires the actual practice in principle application in listening, dynamic groups, public communication or speaking, and verbal communication. We all use communication in daily activities with our friends and work colleagues thus being able to Crete relationships, delegating responsibilities, supervising, and even sharing ideas. In career development, human communication helps in building a network by designing scholars as a competitive job candidate. This study project, therefore, aims in researching the main human communication topics which we use on daily basis and discuss how and why they are essential, and how we can improve them for success purposes in our careers.

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