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Impacts of Digital Media to the Society Research (Essay Sample)


The Classical, Academic Argument
This paper you can pick an issue regarding media in today's society.
This means TV,Music,Movies,Books,Newspaper,Magazines,Internet,Video games etc.. It will be about the medium and not a specific game,Tv show, song etc...
Stay in line with the components expected to be in a classical argument. Your claim should appear at the end of the introduction; be a clear,precise sentence;and mention the opposition in a subordinate fashion while making a breif reference to the main points you intend to address. Think proposition/opposition. After formulating a claim. Logos should be at the core of this essay, but you should still effectively and appropriately employ pathos and ethos.
I would encourage to stick with the pop culture realm, but your welcome to explore other avenues that interest you regarding media.
You need to cite the sources in this essay. You should also reference additional independently found sources that emphasize info you can use as evidence in supporting your claim.
This paper must be 6 pages in length and use at least 3 various sources
Typed in 12 pt Times New Roman and double spaced
Formatted in accordance with MLA
In possession of properly formatted page numbers,header, title, and work cited
Well referenced and cited
Need page numbers on paper on right side with Lopez
On left side Name course paper and date


Impacts of Digital Media to the Society
Currently, the most popular thing among the masses is the internet, which is followed closely by smart phones. Emergence of the internet has affected almost every aspect of life, ranging from media, trade, transport, communication, relationships, occupations, and education. People are now spending most of their time online virtually everyday especially young persons. Despite the fact that internet has got numerous positive effects in people's day to day lives, there are also negative impacts of internet. This paper will be looking into how the internet has affected the media industry both positively and negatively. When it comes to the debate about digital media people are having different views concerning its effects on the society. There some people that are of the argument that digital media has led to the eroding of societal norms and therefore should be discouraged. They are of the opinion that digital media lacks necessary measures for regulating contents that are being aired posted on it. Those who are in support of the digital media argue that it provides real time news and one can access news from whichever place they are, so long as they have a gadget that can access internet (Dimitrova et al., 38) .
This essay examines different views that people have concerning digital media and its impacts on the society.
Overview of Digital Media
According to Dimitrova et al., digital media is defined as any digitized contents such as graphics, audio, texts, and video that can be

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