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I used to be a human being Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


The questions need to think and write for the essay:
1. What do you think of the implications of turning over your data to corporations?
2. Do you think this data should be sold?
3. Do you feel that TOS (terms of service) should give the company power over your data?
4. What would you as a member of the HR Department to ensure your co-worker's data is protected.
5. Do you feel that the public should be able to control their data?
6. Is privacy dead?
Make sure you answer the questions fully. Cite your learning resources and external resources (eText, videos, other readings, blogs, etc) to support your response. *if you do not use and cite supporting data (must include works cited), points will be deducted*
The website article needs to read:
1. https://www(dot)theatlantic(dot)com/technology/archive/2019/01/go-ahead-do-10yearschallenge/580624/
2. https://www(dot)npr(dot)org/2019/01/20/686897486/could-the-10-year-challenge-be-putting-your-data-at-risk?
Please cite and not copy from others, thank you very much! Need full 3 pages!


Student’s Name
Used to Be a Human Being
1. Corporations and companies are now able to access people’s data from various media platforms, and this access can potentially have various implications. For one, this implies that companies are exploiting people all over the world through using their data to improve the value of their products and services while not compensating these people (Sadowski). There is also the risk of data misuse for example, the recent 10-year challenge being used in training or creating facial recognition algorithms (Morris & Navarro). Another implication is that with these data sets, governments and companies can now track people’s actions, what they know and the places they are most times. Ideally, this is an unfortunate situation because it means that every detail of people’s lives and society has been infiltrated by these surveillance technologies used to collect data. It is quite unsettling to know that one’s data is out there but not knowing in what ways or for what purpose it is being used.

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