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MODULE 10: FINAL JOURNAL. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)



While MOD 10 has a brief lecture on Modern TV and some other resources, the grading isbased on a comprehensive journal posting. The Module’s full 16 pts will go towards thesuccessful completion of that Journal. Note that this Journal will be graded with a higher,more discerning standard than the others, evaluating your understanding of the criticalaesthetic assessment methods you have hopefully learned and observed in this class.MOD 10 JOURNAL ASSIGNMENT (16 pts.):Select a Television Program of your choice (COMEDY OR DRAMA – further guidelines atbottom*) and submit, in essay form, a comprehensive analysis of the series, following themethods used in this class.All Journals should employ analysis through:CONTENT/FORM/CONTEXTCONTENT – not only what the show was about in general, description of its genre, but also anyintentional sub textual meaning, ETC.FORM –Specific technical presentation details, ie. Multi-Cam or Single cam, SD or HD, specificuse of sound, cinematographic/editing style (such as Shakey Cam, POV, Montage if pertinent)ETC.CONTEXT – when was the show done, who was the targeted audience, how it was presented(old school weekly or all-at-once binge drop like Stranger Things), ETC.YOU MUST INCLUDE SOME SPECIFIC EPISODES/SCENES TO PROVE THE ABOVE!TRY TO JUDGE if your chosen show was PLOT driven or CHARACTER driven, or an even blendboth.(remember all shows are a mix of both but many skew primarily towards one or the other.)ALSO add some INTERTEXTUAL analysis – influences that created the show and/or shows thatyour show influenced (I understand that your knowledge of historic Film/TV may be limited, sodo just your best with this part, try to include something).I expect you to employ some of the terms and techniques presented in lectures and outlined inthe 2 documents studied for the 40pt. test. Obviously you can research online to help in writingyour essay. I AM NOT REQUIRING QUOTES TO BE INCLUDED but they could help yourpresentation. (Hint: search for your show on Wikipedia and scroll to the bottom, very oftenthere is a list of, and link to, online articles used to REFERENCE the entry. Even if you don’tdirectly cite in your essay, the info can make you look good!). WORD TARGET: 1000 words(more or less)DUE NO LATER THAN THURSDAY 8/1 BY END OF DAY (PRIOR TO FRIDAY 6AM)NO ASSIGNMENT, PAST OR PRESENT, WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT.*LIST OF SHOWS WE COVERED THAT YOU CANNOT select as your topic:STRANGER THINGSPEYTON PLACEARRESTED DEVELOPMENTHILL STREET BLUESTWIN PEAKSSOPRANOSLOSTBREAKING BADADVICE: PICK A SHOW THAT YOU CAN APPLY THE ABOVE ANALYSIS TO, NOT JUST A SHOW YOULIKE THAT MIGHT BE HARDER TO ANALYZE.


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Warrior is an action-packed drama TV series that was released in April of 2019. The creator of the show is Jonathan Tropper. Since its release, the show managed to generate a lot of fanfare mainly because of its high powered action drama. Currently, the show has amassed a score of 79% on Rotten Tomatoes, which shows that its reception is also quite high.
As already indicated, the show’s genre is action drama. Individuals with interest in action-drama will indeed be entertained. The notable characters in the show include Ah Sahm, Ah Toy, Young Jun, Richard Lee, Mai Ling, Bill, among others. Ah Sahm, who appears to be the show’s main character, is quite skilled in martial arts but finds himself fighting for one of the Tong factions known as the Hop Wei. His skills set him apart from the rest, and they are also the main reason why he found himself working with the Hop Wei.

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