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Kenneth Clark, Katharine Hepburn, Fred Korematsu, and Harvey Milk all tried to create social change in areas of sexual or racial discrimination. (Essay Sample)

Explain what each person did. What was the problem? How did they try to solve it? Did they succeed in their lifetimes? Which method or methods seem to have worked the best? Why? Use class sources as much as you can to get your information. Katharine Hepburn is an actor; the topic is talking about his character on the movie - Adam's Rib from 1949. please write for his character. The attachment is a class sources, please try to use this article as much for your source. My essay only requests 600~700 words. source..
Name: Professor: Course Name: Date Due: Discrimination: A critical Review Katherine Hepman is known as an icon who would defy the societal image and what women were expected to do. This is because she did against the social expectations by donning trousers and at the same time wore short male hair cut. This made her look like a "tomboy" and thus had the courage to do against the expectations of women (Alkalay, p. 3). She fought for women's rights and encouraged women to fight for the discrimination against women. By so doing, she ensured that women were liberated and would do whatever they wished to do (Angel, p. 229). Fred Korematsu is known for the fight for civil liberties. This went as far as directing the courts in the US that there had never been the restriction of civil liberties in the country`s history and hence would not start then. He never supported the detaining and imprisonment of the Guantanamo prison suspects. He succeeded in doing this and his only hope was hat there should be no man who would suffer just like him when he was at the hands of the American authorities. He is known for his encouragement of peaceful demonstrations and people never to be afraid to speak what they felt like (Susan, p. 75). This has made discrimination against civil rights a criminal problem in the country and hence everybody has a right to enjoy their civil rights, thanks to Fred Korematsu. However, Harvey Milk was known to be a gay man at a time when the society had not been liberated in terms of such matters. After growing normally without making this issue public, he decides to do it when he had grown old and this made him join the gay movements and to be involved in fighting for the rights of the gay people (Anderson, p. 7). The man after running for a political office three times eventually succeeded. He was able to to succeed at the time when sexual discrimination in particular against the gay people was openly discouraged and hence showed peo...
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