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The Dangerous Side And Problems Of Social Media (Essay Sample)


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The dangerous side of Social media

The millennial generation is one of the diverse population, they are young people who have grown up with technology and are comfortable within their social technology world. The millennial are constantly connected to the world and have embraced technology like no other generation. Millennial adapt faster to internet service because their lives revolve around such technologies. However, spending too much time on social media has increased narcissist behavior, hence affecting the human connection.

The rise of narcissism among millennial is attributed to the increased usage of social networking platforms. Social media platforms are known for making narcissist dream whereby individual find admiration for oneself, more so their physical appearance. This type of self-love and self-absorption feeling is a way of trying to confirm their existence in an effort to seek social connection. Such connection cannot be achieved through social media, instead social media is known to create a dissonance between the desire for connection and loneliness, hence social media platforms cause negative psychological effects.

Although many young people view social media as a way of life because of the narcissist dream including an outlet to express their emotions. Such outlets not only present an illusion but also dehumanize the general purpose human social life, which is to create the connection (Wickel 5). The main problem with social media is the different expectation it gives its users. Users expect social media to provide them with social connection and also offer a certain level of intimacy to satisfy their social grooming. Users of social media want to gratify specific psychological needs, which include the need to be seen, valued and to belong to the social network (Martos 433). If users fail to interact on social platforms, even for some hours, they develop the fear of being forgotten within the online social circle.

Although many people often rely on social media for interaction and also find a connection; frequent use of social media platform is known to replace the interpersonal connection (Larose 66). Social grooming is the essence of social connection that occurs when people seek intimate geared towards expressing what they want other people to know about them, but social grooming cannot be achieved on social media because the internal emotional state is disconnected from the external events (LaRose 69).

With many people into being aware of the dangerous side of spending too much time on social media, the paper presents the importance of raising awareness of the psychosocial effects of using social media. This paper illustrates how the problem has unconsciously consumed many social media users, presenting statistic and evidence from the research studies. The paper first discusses the social media problem and the needs for human connection and describes how social media can falsely replicate the need for human connection. The paper further review the purpose of social media and its many benefits also presents the dissonance between what users expect and what the platform can offer. The latter sections of the paper present effective ways to ensure that the current and future generation is not affected by this trend, offering solution that can be used to address this persistent social problem affecting many people.
Human beings are social beings

Human beings are known as social beings, their social tendencies like the ability to think, make inquiries, learn, play and work enhance human nature within the society. These are some of the human inherent characteristics that cannot be exercised in isolation, this explains why human seeks for social connection (LaRose 70). The need for con...

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