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The Cultural Groups Found Within The Continent Of Africa (Essay Sample)


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Culture can be defined as a way of living for a relatively large group of individuals. Some factors can be used to determine the way of living of some people which include religion, experiences, beliefs, values attitudes and much more. Different cultural groups are entitled to think, behave and act differently. However, there are no set standards to determine which cultural group should be superior or inferior. Africa, for instance, is one place in the world that is full of culture. The African differ from one cultural group to the other.
African culture is studied and found to be diverse however is one similarity that is shared by almost all the cultural groups found within the continent of Africa. The similarity is clearly observed when they over how Africans uphold their moral values. As important as culture is to an individual there are positives and negatives associated with culture. Darley William and Charles Blankson’s journal titled "African culture and business markets: implications for marketing practices" provides a synoptic understanding of the African culture ,which goes a long way to highlighting its subsequent impact on organizational behavior, interpersonal relations and partnerships.
The concepts addressed by the book are further flanked by Eze Chielozona’s article titled "Rethinking African culture and identity: the Afropolitan model." The article tried to re-discuss the notion of African identity by looking at a number of defining factors, such as hybridity and contamination, as well as postmodernism and hyperculturality, which altogether contribute towards dilution of the African cultural identity. The arguments brought forth by these two books help to back up the discussion on African culture, of which the paper is all about.
Positive Gains that are derived from the African Culture
Arts and Crafts
The African culture is rich in arts and crafts. The African arts and crafts are made from wood carvings, brass, and leather as the raw materials. From the African arts and crafts, some themes are supposed to be portrayed. The art of women and child represented the vast desire of the women of that particular culture to have children. That of a man with a weapon represented honor and power. As times passed, the African people kept on advancing their...
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