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Final Paper. Studio and Cinema Symbiosis in Film Industry. (Essay Sample)


The historical relationship between the studios and cinemas, stressing the importance of the symbiosis between them – one could not exist without the other, so the spirit is generally one of cooperation. That relationship—already threatened by home video and streaming—took a body blow with the rise of COVID-19. Examine the recent history of theatrical exhibition in the United States and its long term prospects, yes, but particularly focus on that relationship: demonstrate how the balance of power is shifting and project how that will play out long-term. In this paper, you need to focus on coming up to a thesis and evidences about what will the relationship between studios and cinemas look like once the world fully reopens and beyond?
In the paper, make sure to mention some major film releases after COVID-19, especially Tenet (in cinema only) by Warnar Bro., Mulan (online streaming only in NA region) by Disney, and Wonder Woman 1984 (in cinema and HBO Max at the same time the first time after traditional 90-days window established) by Warner Bro., and how these different actions turn out after the release. Also make sure to examine the relationship between studios' own online streaming platforms like Disney+ and HBO MAX, and analyze the possibilities for them to replace cinemas (exhibition industry) in the future? Will we return to studio system (Golden Age of Hollywood/Paramount model)?
Write a 5- to 7-page paper answering the topic above. You may start from a central thesis and build from there. And be sure to talk (backed up with research) about the present and the future of the industry.


Studio and Cinema Symbiosis in Film Industry
Today, film studios and Cinemas play key roles in the film industries in the production, distribution, and marketing of motion pictures. The two institutions have, however, coexisted and have harmoniously worked together over the years. Equally, the institutions have also gained enormous revenues from the film industry. Unfortunately, the road has not been quite rosy, especially for cinemas worldwide due to technological advancements that have changed the dynamics in terms of accessibility of film productions. Due to technological advancements, audiences’ preferences have changed. In return, the changes have influenced shifts from the traditional theatrical exhibitions, where movies were only screened in theatres, to the modern-day platforms such as Television shows and the recently invented online streaming. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has become the latest obstacle for cinemas in 2020. It has highly impacted the movie delivery techniques, which has forced the closure of several cinemas worldwide. This paper examines the relationship between studios and cinemas in the movie industries to project their future correlation and existence.

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