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Racism in the US Communications & Media Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Read the document carefully, if any question please text me ASAP. This Critical Reflection should relate two selected films and at least 1 reading which is assigned.


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Racism in the US
The term the United States, which is the most feared nation on earth due to its sophistication in almost every aspect, sparks outraging memories and experiences for the people of color. The film, "Moonlight" (Jenkins), the documentary, "The Black Power Mixtape" (Olsson), and the article from Aljazeera "Know your history: Understanding Racism in the US" (Bundles) showcase some of the ordeals, struggles, and achievements the Black Americans have had to go through and also replicated in the US contemporary era. I found it interesting how the sources depict the socio-cultural impacts that the racial segregation dominant in the country has had on the Black community. The back and forth behavior in the fight against racial discrimination, especially against the Black population in the US, has been heavily featured in the article, giving a precise description of the American history that oscillates around Black Americans (Bundles par. 5). On the other hand, the documentary captures the events of a period characterized by intense civil rights movements that pioneered the contemporary black lives matter movement.
Frequently, the Black communities in the United States have been associated with bad habits such as violence, drug abuse, drug trafficking, among other vices. The film "Moonlight" paints Chiron's life as a miserable Black person, primarily because of being raised in a poor neighborhood with irresponsible parents (Jenkins). A critical examination of the film's events shows the Black people's vulnerabilities living in abject poverty. This is evident in Chiron's mother's inability to take care of his son, Chiron being bullied in school, and eventually being taken care of by a drug trafficker (Jenkins). 

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