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Activism in the Social Media Age Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


Activism in the Social Media Age (Links to an external site.)
This assignment is focused on how social media has changed the behavior of people specifically people who are growing up with social media. Answer the following in a short essay.
How has social media affected your perceptions of activism?
Do you think a voice amplified by social media is more or less powerful? Why?
The website needs to read:
Please use cite for any source you use, do not copy thank you so much!


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Activism in the Age of Social Media
Social media can be described as any form of a digital tool that gives the users an avenue to create and share content with the public. It encompasses online platforms such as Twitter handles, Instagram, and Facebook. Social media has had both positive and negative influences on people, particularly those who have grown up using it. Some positive effects include educative content, while the negative ones erode the morality of users.
Effects of Social Media on Activism Perceptions
Activism entails campaigning to intervene, impede or direct political, social, economic, and environmental reforms with a desire to bring about change for the better. Social media has impacted people's activism (Yankah, Sandra, et al., Pg.61). The following are some of the effects caused by perceptions of activism by social media.
With the intensity of social media usage, so much information has been at activists' disposal, increasing the perception to uphold activism. It has been easy to access information that gives a holistic view of society's political, social, economic, and environmental aspects. It goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge to educating on reality, thus supporting activism engagements to obtain a desirable change in the community.

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