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Vision And Mission Development In An Organization (Essay Sample)


Written Assignment: Vision and Mission Development in an Organization
Assignment Details:
In this individual written assignment, each student will undertake the following:
1. Select an existing or imagined company (or other types of organization, e.g. non-profit or NGOs, among others) from one of the following industries:
• A manufacturing industry
• An industry in the healthcare sector
• Higher educational institutions: including colleges and universities
• An industry in the financial sector
• An industry in the hi-technology sector
• Other: Identify an industry not listed in the above categories
2. Develop a vision and mission statements for your chosen organization/firm, based on current trends in the industry, including environmental forces such as technological innovation, changes in consumer behavior and socio-cultural trends.
Caution: If you select an existing organization, develop an alternative vision and mission other than the current, stated vision and mission of the company or organization.
3. Provide a rationale for your vision and mission statements, based on the above trends as well as any other insights that help you in developing the vision and mission of this company.
Submission Requirements:
Length of paper: 1-2 pages (maximum of 2 pages)
Format: 1.5 line spacing, 12-font letter/character size
Hardcopy to class on due date below and copy posted in Messages in NYU Classes
Due Date: Monday, March 19, 2018 (note: new submission date)






Vision and Mission Development for Magnum Educational center

The Magnum Educational Center is an institution designed to cater to the educational needs of needy children from their preschool through to college. The institution's mission statement is, “To serve as a facilitator in learning and development for needy children through correspondence with businesses, educational leaders, government leaders and communities to build knowledge and skills needed for a constantly changing world.” The institution's vision statement is, “To create an environment where each child attains the right to thrive.” The organization is founded on the need for a facility that is sensitive to the diversity and the constant change in the world necessitating for consistent learning.

The mission statement establishes the purpose of the Magnum educational center, which is helping the needy children in the community to gain a comprehensive education as well as help in their development as they grow (Salem Khalifa, 238). The mission statement establishes the organization as a nonprofit organization, whose focus is the development and education of needy children in the community. Further, it communicates the organization’s commitment to the development of associations with the community, administrators, and corporate partners to help in the creation of a progressive educational center (Salem Khalifa, 244). The vision statement articulates the organization’s aspiration to create an environment where the children can gain knowledge and learn skills which will enable them to thrive in a dynamic world.
By close collaboration with the community, the organiza

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