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E-business: The Benefits to the World (Essay Sample)

*This is a concept paper essay, NOT a report* *Only use online resources as reference* Specifications: 1. Topics need to be related to any concept(s) in our course. 2. Real-world application is encouraged. 3. There should not be a yes/no answer to your query/topic (i.e. “Is blahdeeblah good/bad?” – this is NOT a good title). f. There are no parameters for writing the essay. Employ all that we learn in class regarding critical thinking skills, and writing analytical papers. g. This is not a stream-of-consciousness paper. You need to follow good writing practice for an academic setting. i. It is an essay, not a report ii. Expert opinion is needed to back up your views iii. Practice good APA/MLA citation THROUGHOUT iv. In any case, your opinion, while valid, should be kept at a minimum in the paper, and always requires expert opinion support. v. Conversational-style English should not be employed. Write in third-person voice (i.e. avoid words like ‘obviously', phrases like ‘to be honest', or assumptions such as ‘most people think…'). Topics about the course: Information System(E-Commerce) *Business models and Strategy *Enterprise/Interenterprise systems and applications *Security and controls *Billing and payment systems *eSupply Chain Management *eprocurement and trading exchanges Some ideas about e-business in public transportation industry: Buying ticket online, touch less payment system, Labour impacts, security, smart payment system, convenience, efficiency. etc. Again, this is an essay, NOT a report. Only use online references. source..
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E-business: The Benefits to the World
Web-based retailing has rapidly gained acceptance by American Internet users as a valid retail outlet CITATION Kin04 \l 1033 (King, Sen, & Xia, 2004). An increasing number of households have started to connect to the Internet, and as a result the potential for shopping on the Internet have become larger than ever. The spread of global Internet connectivity, the lowering of unit costs, the internationalization of the markets for goods, labor, and information, e-commerce is said to offer businesses in developing countries a chance to access global markets easily, operate efficiently, and compete fairly CITATION Mol05 \l 1033 (Molla & Licker, 2005). Many e-commerce principles were pioneered in the airline industry CITATION Bar01 \l 1033 (Barry, Gunther, Rao, & Ratliff, 2001). These include the first business-to-business electronic information exchange and industry wide electronic market place. Airlines have continuously expanded their use of information technology for reservations systems and created an infrastructure that facilitates the application of e-commerce related technologies.
Researchers and practitioners assert that e-commerce has many benefits for retailers CITATION Zhu03 \l 1033 (Zhuang & Lederer, 2003). Among them are increased sales, lower costs, better customer awareness of products, access to new markets, better customer service, improved operational effectiveness and efficiency, better control of data, shipment tracing, and streamlined inventory replenishment CITATION Zhu03 \l 1033 (Zhuang & Lederer, 2003). Such e-commerce benefits as increased profitability and market share are of paramount importance, but they are not the only benefits of e-commerce and are not necessarily easy to measure and attribute to e-commerce. The realization of Back-end Efficiency, ...
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