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Public Health. Vector Control for Environmental Health Professionals (Essay Sample)


Identify a training program that addresses Healthy People goals associated with environmental health from the CDC's Environmental Health Services (EHS) Training website (linked in Resources).
Write an evaluation of the program in which you complete the following:
Describe the approach the EHS training program uses to address Healthy People environmental health goals.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the program in meeting the requirements of the related environmental health policy.
Determine whether the program's design addresses the needs of the intended audience.
Create a list of questions to evaluate an environmental health training program.
Provide an academic rationale to support the evaluation criteria used.
Write clearly and logically, with correct use of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.
Additional Requirements
Length: 3–5 pages of content plus cover page, references, and appendix.
Style: Write in a way that is concise, logically organized, and appropriate for a professional audience.
Formatting: Arial or Times New Roman, 12 point. Use headings and subheadings for each component.
Resources: Cite sources in text and include an APA-formatted reference page.


Due Date:
Vector Control for Environmental Health Professionals
Describe the approach the EHS training program uses to address Healthy People environmental health goals
The world continues to be in great peril, mainly because of vector-borne diseases. According to a 2020 fact sheet from the WHO, vector-borne diseases account for 700,000 deaths annually. Also, the widespread danger of vector-borne diseases appears to put more than 80% of the world’s population at risk (WHO, 2016). This confirms that vector-borne diseases are indeed a major threat in the world, and there ought to be plans to ensure their control. In light of the above, the CDC’s Environmental Health Services section appears to have set up measures to help ensure that the American people are safe and free from vector-borne diseases. Currently, CDC’s EHS section does this work by offering the Vector Control for Environmental Health Professionals (VCEHP). This training program is offered in conjunction with Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

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