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Promoting SoftX Detergent. Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


The final essay topic is “Promoting a new product through mass and targeted media.” The essay is due December 5.For this essay you should write about the product you discussed in your mid-term essay. If you want to write about another product because you feel that the first product is ill suited to this topic, you must get permission to switch products from the instructor. As before, you cannot write about the product you are developing for your team project.This is an individual assignment so write the essay by yourself and not with your friends and classmates.You can reference other people's ideas as long as you quote or paraphrase and footnote them.The essay should run between 500-750 words, that is, two to three pages in length.All essays must be typed. Hand written essays will be returned for typing.Be sure to check for spelling and grammar mistakes.Students are encouraged to discuss the format and content of their essay with the instructor before they begin writing.


Student Name
Promoting SoftX Detergent
Since SoftX Detergent is a new product in the market, clients are not aware of its existence. Despite the product being of high quality and retailing at an affordable price, will continue using detergents from the competitors. Promoting the product through mass and targeted media will create awareness about the detergent. The target group for the product are the homemakers and in particular mothers. The target group is responsible for deciding on the detergents that a family will use. The choice of the media must be appropriate to allow the company to reach the mothers. In this case, TV, magazines, and social media will be used to promote the product

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