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Progress Report: Group Information And Accomplishments (Essay Sample)


Please follow the format of the progress report.
Description and Overview You are to write a progress report (of 400- 600 words) on the state of your proposed business (hypothetically) if you were given the loan. Additionally, the progress report should evaluate your team’s overall work on the proposal and presentation.
The primary purpose of any progress report is to tell a supervisor, client, or instructor about the progress made on a project and to predict how successful the project will be if it continues on its current path. The main goal of this progress report is to reflect on the progress of your project and then communicate that progress to me. Don’t just focus on the positive; make sure to discuss any challenges you have encountered. If the challenges were overcome, discuss how. If the challenges are still problematic, attempt to present possible solutions.


Progress Report
This progress report aims to evaluate the progress of Eagles Net Llc project, which was developed to boost the level of tourism in the country. The Eagle’s Net Llc is a venue for both the local and foreign tourists, who are seeking better recreational services. It consists of a luxurious and lavish dining hall that has a large capacity to hold more tourists. The spacious room is an advantage that will enable it to host more people hence raise more revenue. This project is currently performing as expected when evaluating it based on the developed schedule. We have managed to begin the construction process and also completed the hiring process of the staff workers. This implies that we will be able to beat the 2020 deadline of project completion. The report evaluates the overall work that has been conducted in this project, by looking at the achievements that have so far been achieved. Additionally, the progress report also focuses on the challenges facing the project, and possible solutions for these problems.
Group Information
Our group consists of four members. Each of us in the group has a role to play, that will facilitate the success of this project. Jack is our president. He works to unite all the members by ensuring that we remain focused on the project goals. Ryan is our group treasurer. He prepared the project budget and provides financial advisory to us. Being the vice president, I had the responsibility of conducting the market research on behalf of the group. Lastly, Kameron is our secretary. We all work towards achieving the goals of our project, by observing its goals and obligations.
At the moment, we have managed to secure the estimated budget of $9.5 million which will be used in completing the project. The money was obtained from loans, donations from well-wishers and also government funding, after reading our incredible business plan. Having secured the finance,

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