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Professional Enhancement Papers Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


You should write two 2 pages paper, which means totally 4 pages.
1. First paper: you should attend one marketing event or marketing seminar. The first page is to describe what this event is and background information of this event. The second page is what you learn from this event.
2. Second paper: you should interview a marketing professional or manager in any company. first page is also to describe who he or she is and the basic information of her or his company and this person's major work. second page is also to describe what you learn from this marketing professional.
the marketing event and marketing professional should not very famous because students are not easy to approach the famous activities or person. if you didn't have similar experience, you can just make a reasonable fiction based on marketing areas.
The objective of this two paper is to provide professional growth opportunities and share the learning experience.


Professional Enhancement Papers: All students will be required to attend two external professional events or interview two marketing professionals. The student will be required to write two page papers describing what he or she learned from the events or interviews. The objective of this assignment is to provide professional growth opportunities for students and to share the learning experience with the professor and the class.


Professional Enhancement Papers
Student's Name
Part 1: Marketing Seminar
Most of the companies are seeking better marketing strategies with exceptional business and Return on Investments (ROI) outcomes. Digital marketing workshop organized by Digital Champs took place between 6th and 8th November 2019. The seminar target was equipping emerging online markets with revolutionizing digital marketing skills that would help them improve their products and companies' presence on the vibrant online interface.
The workshop facilitators were three personalities that have vast experience and knowledge in digital marketing. The chief facilitator was Professor T. J, a leading digital marketing guru in the country. The emphasis of the training was the use of digital tools to transform marketing over the vast virtual interface that puts more focus on Business to Business Marketing (B2B) (Hughes &Vafeas, 2019). The critical components of the drills were the optimization of Search Engine marketing, product presentation/ branding/ content marketing, new trends in internet marketing, social media marketing, web-based banner advertising, and smartphones/mobile applications marketing.

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