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My three strengths Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Assignment: Write an informative essay highlighting three of your strengths that will be of value in your future career. Provide examples from the work place that prove you have this skill and show how it enhances a work environment. Be specific and provide detailed professional evidence to support your ideas. Essay needs to have a strong thesis and structure.
Be sure to be thoughtful and move through the writing process before submitting a draft. Really sit down and think about where your strengths lie. Go beyond any strength finder assessment you have taken.
Please note: Being on time is an expected part of any job from every employee – this and similar traits are not a strengths.
Purpose: Reflect and consider possible strengths to communicate through our resumés. Begin the résumé writing process to create a strong résumé.
1. Typed using MLA formatting – if this is incorrect essays will not be accepted.
2. No longer or shorter than three pages – use clear and concise writing
My three strengths: Personable, multi tasker, Goal oriented, empathetic


My Three Strengths
Every person has strengths and weaknesses in life and should explore their advantages. Strengths ensure that a person is outstanding from a group and stands a chance of professional favor than others. Thus, everybody should invest in their strengths for their prosperity. It is also essential to address the weaknesses because they might override the strength and cost a person a lifetime opportunity. However, the emphasis should always be on the strengths. Although it might be hard to self-assess my strengths, I believe I am empathetic, goal-oriented, and a multi-tasker.
I have always held on to empathy throughout my lifetime, often understanding people's situations and sharing their feelings. Empathy refers to the ability to understand and share the feelings of other people. Becka Borody, in an article, gives an in-depth example of empathy. He says when a person loses depressed after losing a job and tells his friend of the misfortune, the friend is likely to justify why the person lost a job. The friend is likely to tell the person who lost the job that it was expected since the company was doing poorly financially. That is not empathy. I would give a different reply to such a person by telling them how sorry I am—then promising to help him get a new job because everybody needs a job to pay bills.

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