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The Memo 1 Business & Marketing Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


You have been hired as Chief Advisor of International Markets for Grolsch. You are writing a memo to Rob Snel, CEO of the company after careful examination of the company’s performance abroad.
Mr. Snel has compiled questions by the board of directors and needs a direct, non-redundant write-up summarizing your advice on the main questions he has about Grolsch’s business expansion. It is only 1,500 words, 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman, font 12. Every word counts. Please help him and the company evaluate Grolsch’s performance.
The questions that Grolsch’s board has are the following:
1. What are Grolsch’s characteristics behind the company’s performance in the market? Do they qualify as core competencies?
2. Why did Grolsch’s internationalize? Was it a good strategy? Why or why not?
3. What lessons do Grolsch’s characteristics and history afford about what type of countries to compete?
a. Should the company have internationalized to different countries? (Note that the case provides data that allow you to answer 3. Reflect on how you can apply them to develop our studied frameworks).
4.Given Grolsch’s characteristics that you discussed in 1.:
a. what are the advantages and disadvantages of the AAA strategy that the company emphasized in the document (see Exhibit 5, for example)?
b. What strategy (or strategies) did the company, IN FACT, use to manage differences across markets?
5. Will the merger with SABMiller add value?
6.Summarize the evaluation of Grolsch’s international performance.
a. What other strategic changes would you suggest to Grolsch’s approach to internationalization?


Characteristics of Grolsch
Grolsch is an outstanding corporate based in the Netherlands with a huge market share in Northern Europe. It traced its roots as a brewery in Groenlo, Dutch, when Willem Neerfeldt acquired it. It was later managed by Theo J. De Groen who in 1897, introduced the grand ceramic swing-top bottle. The bottle came as easy to open and could preserve the beer for later consumption. The company has remained relevant in the beer industry for the following peculiar characteristics:
Since it has had high stakes in the Netherlands, the government appreciated the company with the prestigious title – Royal in 1995. This later earned it the name Royal Grolsch N.V. Grolsch has also been integrated as a two-tier company within the Dutch laws. It had two branches on which it has exclusive ownership. These included; Grolsch Bierbrouwerij Nederland, which was responsible for marketing and sales in the Netherlands and Grolsch International, which took charge of worldwide sales.

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