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Key Electronics Quarter (Essay Sample)


please I need you to go to-- http://gm(dot)marketplace6(dot)com/?moveTo=1--
its a market place game which is all the work of the presentation
then go to Decision area after that you will go to the page then go to \"Summary Decision
you will see our company works...
after that please write essay 5 pages on that thing.
please I need it done by thursday morning on the may 16
thank you.
Best regards.


Key Electronics Quarter 5
Key Electronics is a company that manufactures computers for various firms mainly CostCutter, Innovators, Mercedes, Work Horse and Traveler. The mission of this company is to improve productivity and inspire innovation in this segment. The firm will achieve this by providing clients with the best quality of highly efficient and affordable computers. One thing that places Key Electronics at a vantage point over rivals is modern design, which none of the competitors have managed to match. This is what keeps customers coming to the company. The company is in the process of enhancing its grip on the market leader tag in the manufacture of computers.
Members of the Team
Key electronics is composed of five people each with his/her own responsibilities. Janell Rowland, who is the president, is the overall leader of the team, the secondary responsibility being in the brand management area. Another officer in this team is Victoria Dankel who is in charge of finance, and sales management as a secondary responsibility. Jennifer Bradshaw holds the advertising docket and doubles this with brand management of Key Electronics. John Himmel and Omar Alkhedheri complete the list of five and are responsible for marketing research at the company.
Each of these team members has personal goals that would also benefit Key Electronics. Janell Rowland looks to be a winner by being the best competitor in the market. To reach that level, janell would want to develop skills in leadership, advertising, marketing and teamwork. Apart from that, janell plans to enhance her general understanding of marketing and manage her workload better.
Like janell, Victoria Dankel would want to be better in leadership and teamwork skills, and become a winner in the competitive market. In addition, she wants to do research in marketing and understand this field better.
Jennifer would also want to be the best competitor in this field and develop her interpersonal and technical skills. Brand management is one of her areas of interest and she plans to delve deeper into this field. She also wants to a do a bit of market research and be more in control of her workload.
Like the rest of the team, John Himmel and Omar Alkhedheri are very eager to be the best competitors in the market. To help achieve this, the pair aspires to enhance skills such as marketing, financial, marketing and teamwork.
Everybody in the team wants to be the best competitor in the market so Key Electronics comprises a driven group of people.
How the Team Operates
Decision making is a very crucial aspect for any company. At Key Electronics, there is a laid-down procedure on how all decisions are made. For any important decision on the operations of the company, every member is involved through a majority vote of the team. If the decision concerns functional aspects, specialists in the affected area are allowed to do what the...

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